DCHWS-West PDH 2019 Presentations


Panel 1

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 Lily Tavassoli, Superfund Project Manager, US EPA Region 9 Iron Mountain Mine Superfund Site Emergency Planning and Remedy Resiliency
Speaker 2 Neil J. Brown, P.E. & Regional Engineering Manager Failure and Re-Engineering of a Drainage Channel
Speaker 3 Laurens van der Tak, PE, D.WRE Designing for Resilience – JEA’s Response to Hurricane’s Matthew and Irma – Relevance to Site Cleanup


Panel 2

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 Jon Vail, PG, PMP, CHMM – KFS LLC. Remote Site Remediation and Offsetting Costs Through Metals Recycling – U.S. Army Garrison, Kwajalein Atoll
Speaker 2 Paul Dries, Project Manager Formosa Mine Adit #1 Reopening and Acid MineDrainage System
Speaker 3 Peter Werner, PE US Forest Service Benefits of Using GPS-Controlled Construction Equipment at the Riley Pass Uranium Mine CERCLA Site


Panel 3

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 Craig Zeller, P.E. –Remedial Project Manager; US EPA Region 4 Engineered Geosynthetic Turf Cover System for Capping Phosphogypsum StackMississippi Phosphates Corporation Pascagoula, Jackson County, MS
Speaker 2 Kristine Koch, U.S. EPA Region 10 Lessons Learned – Asarco Tacoma Smelter
Speaker 3 Dominic Giaudrone, CDM Smith Time Oil/Well 12A Superfund Site


Panel 4

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 Joel Ruselink – Principle of Construction Services “Urban Creek Impacted Sediment Removal and Isolation Utilizing a Geosynthetic Clay Liner”
Speaker 2 Cody A. Cline P.E. Adaptive Management and Remedial Design of the Canyon Complex Repository
Speaker 3 Patrick Appel, PMP Use of an Optimization Study to Achieve Remedial Success at Jones Road Ground Water Plume Superfund Site


Panel 5

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 John LaChance, Technical Director Lessons Learned on the Design and Construction of Over 150 Thermal Remediation Systems
Speaker 2 Thomas Alcamo EPA Region 5 Velsicol Chemical: In-situ Thermal Treatment Path to Closure Lessons Learned
Speaker 3 David Fleming, TRS Group In Situ Thermal Remediation at Sub-steaming Temperatures


Panel 6

Speaker Name Topic
Speaker 1 Tausha Miller, CDM Smith Foregoing Traditional Prescriptive Design Through an Implementation Plan
Speaker 2 Ramzi E. Khuri, PE, Jacobs Innovative Design Approach for Interim Measures at the Tar Creek Superfund Site
Speaker 3 J.C. Isham PG, CEG, CHG - Aptim Design and Construction of Mine Waste Cap at the Jamestown Mine for the Jamestown Trust


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