Lodging Information

We wish to share with you important information to facilitate the hotel booking process. Hotel accommodations at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel that were available at the government per diem rate are sold out.

The following details from the Sheraton Denver Downtown on what is still available:

  • The hotel has no more traditional rooms available (single, double, triple, quad) – sold out

  • The hotel currently has 12 Club Level Rooms that they can offer at $253/night ($178/night + $75/night club level fee)

  • The hotel currently has 40 Jr Level Suites that they can offer at $278/night ($178/night + $100/night upgrade)

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1550 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202
United States

(303) 893-3333

Link for Map & Directions

Making Reservations

A dedicated website is available for all attendees to book hotel rooms online at or below the 2017 government per diem rate.

Booking Website:  Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

Contact Information

Alletta Callaway