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Post Awards

The Greater Kansas City Post has annually received recognition and awards for excellence as an active member of the Society. The Post was awarded Top Post in 2002, and was in the top three Top Posts in 2001, 1997 and 1993.

In 2016, streamer designations changed to align with the 2020 plan.

*Streamer with Distinction (established for 2004)

In 2003, the Post streamer submittals were revised:
Education & Training Streamer (includes Meetings, Licensure, Technical Publications)
Readiness/National Security Programs (includes Readiness Program)
Relationships and Recognition Streamer (includes Networking, Meeting, Awards)
Outreach and Communications Streamer (Mentoring, Student Chapter, Web Page, Newsletters, Emails)

**Awarded Bronze Membership in 1991

Individual Awards

The Greater Kansas City Post is proud to recognize many of our volunteers for individual achievements.

National Awards

Bliss Medal
·         Dean Kevin Truman (UMKC, School of Computing and Engineering) – 2010

Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award
·         Gerald W. “Jerry” Adams – 2011

Student Leadership Medal
·         Nick Patch (KSU Student Chapter) - 2011

Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal
·         Merrill Watt (Retired) – 2007

Young Member Medal
·         Mathew Turner (Yaeger Architecture) – 2018
·         Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District) – 2011
·         Matt Metcalf (AMEC) – 2006

Industry Small Business Advocate
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR) – 2014

Small Business Award
·         Tepa, LLC – 2013


Regional Vice President's Medal
·   Christina Przygoda (Yaeger Architecture)

Service Awards
·  Dave Renetzky (HNTB)
·   Dave Kocour (HGCons)

Sustained Contribution Award
· COL Tony Hofmann (Retired) (City of Overland Park)
· Hayley Thompson (Treanor)
· Qilin Fan (Kiewit)
· Matt Metcalf (Tepa)
· Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)

New Director Award
· Brent Legreid (Burns & McDonnell)

Achievement Award
·  Qilin Fan (Kiewit)


Regional Vice President's Medal
·  Christina S. Davis (UMKC)

Service Awards
·  Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)
·  Jason Davis (Affinis)
·  Melissa Kelley (Henderson Engineers)
·  Jackie Hacker (HDR)
·  Victoria Mechtly (Tepa)
·  Dave Howe (Retired)
·  Merrill Watt (Retired)
·  COL Tony Hofmann (Retired) (City of Overland Park)
·  Bryanna Aldridge (Stantec)
·  Kate Pfefferkorn-Mansker (Pfefferkorn Engineering & Environmental, LLC)


Regional Vice President's Medal
·         COL Tony Hofmann (Retired) (City of Overland Park)
·         Jason Meyers (Burns & McDonnell)

National President Coins
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)
·         COL Tony Hofmann (Retired) (City of Overland Park)
·         LTC Brian Manus (US Army)
·         CDR Allen Osborne (Retired) (Tepa, LLC)
·         Merrill Watt (Retired)

Service Medal
·         Gerald Adams (Alpha Energy and Electric)
·         Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Matt Metcalf (Tepa, LLC)

Achievement Award
·         Melissa Kelley (Henderson Engineers)
·         Kerry Patterson (Tepa, LLC)

Service Award
·         Matt Metcalf (Tepa, LLC)
·         Christy Wilson (Olsson Associates)
·         Kim Pemberton (Advantage Project Management)
·         Jason Sweet (Stantec)
·         Hillary Weber (Insight Environmental)

Letter of Appreciation
·         Tim Kurgan (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Scott Opie (Hanson Professional Services)
·         Scott Perkins (Survey & Mapping, LLC)
·         Lori Madden (Yaeger Architecture)


Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Amy McCurdy (McCurdy Engineers)


Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Melissa Kelley (Henderson Engineers)

Student Leadership Medal
·         Nick Patch (KSU Student Chapter)

Service Award
·         LTC Kevin Casey (USA)
·         Ann Ewy (USACE Kansas City District)
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)
·         Melissa Kelley (Henderson Engineers)
·         Tim Kurgan (USACE Kansas City District)
·         Matt Metcalf (Tepa, LLC)
·         Kile Morrison (GLMV Architects)
·         Scott Opie (Hanson Professional Services)
·         Nick Patch (K-State Student Chapter President)
·         Jason Sweet (Stantec Consulting)
·         Matt Turner (Yaeger Architecture)
·         Merrill Watt (Retired)


Industry Small Business Advocate
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)

Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Jason Sweet (Stantec Consulting)
·         Matt Turner (Yaeger Architecture)

Service Award
·         Christopher Prinslow (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Christina Pzrygoda (Yaeger Architecture)
·         Merrill Watt (Retired)
·         Vince Zink (Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting)

Achievement Award
·         Kim Pemberton (TREKK Design Group, LLC)
·         Hillary Weber (IEECI)


Small Business Award
·         Tepa, LLC

Regional Vice President's Award
·         Al Osborne (Tepa, LLC)

Service Award
·         Andrea Cekovsky (Stantec Consulting)
·         Garret Cross (Lochner)
·         Christina Davis (UMKC)
·         Jason Davis (Affinis)
·         Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)
·         Alicia Houston (Black & Veatch)
·         Dave Howe (Black & Veatch)
·         Eugene (Jud) Kneuvean (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Amy Lines (Cerner)
·         Mark Loes (Kleinfelder)
·         Kyle Marlay (Shafer, Kline & Warren)
·         Amy McCurdy (McCurdy Engineers)
·         Larry Myers (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Scott Opie (Hanson Professional Services)
·         Rex Ostrander (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Scott Perkins (Aerometric)
·         Rob Rastorfer (HNTB Corporation)
·         Clif Rope (Terracon)
·         Arthur Saulsberry (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Jason Sweet (Stantec Consulting)
·         Katie Summy (Tepa, LLC)
·         Matt Turner (Yaeger Architecture)
·         Merril Watt (Retired)
·         Bill Yord (Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting)

Achievement Award
·         Melissa Kelley (Shafer, Kline & Warren)
·         Jason Meyers (Burns & McDonnell)
·         Christopher Prinslow (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Kevin Truman (UMKC)

Letter of Appreciation
·         Taylor Cook (PE Engineers)
·         Phyllis Jackson
·         Linda Strakovich (Tompkins Architects)


Industry Small Business Award
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)

Academy of Fellows Mentoring Award
·         Gerald W. “Jerry” Adams (Yaeger Architecture)

Seymour S. Greenfield Sustaining Member Award
·         Kleinfelder 

Regional Vice President's Medal
·         Ted Hartisig (Olsson Associates)

President's Plaque
·         Amy Lines (Kleinfelder)
·         Mark Loes (Kleinfelder)
·         Tom Poer (HNTB Corporation)
·         Merrill Watt (Retired) 

Service Award
·         Garret Cross (HNTB Corporation)
·         Joe Davis (Custom Engineering)
·         Bill Yord (Louis Berger Group)

Achievement Award
·         Doug Dreiling (Family Environmental)
·         Dave Howe (Black & Veatch)
·         Jackie Hacker (HDR)
·         Tom Kirkwood (Retired)
·         Ron McCutcheon (McKinzie Construction)
·         Larry Meyers (USACE, NWK)
·         Rob Rastorfor (HNTB Corporation)


Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award
·         Gerald W. “Jerry” Adams (Yaeger Architecture) – 2011

Young Member Medal
·         Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)

Small Business Award Honorable Mention
·         Poole Fire Protection, Inc.

Regional Vice President's Medal
·         Kent Dvorack (Terracon)
·         Jackie Hacker (Jackie Hacker & Associates)
·         Dave Howe (Black & Veatch)
·         Tom Kirkwood 
·         Chris Prinslow (USACE, Kansas City District)

Missouri River Regional Outstanding Service
·         Robert Crain (Burns & McDonnell)
·         Garrett Cross (HNTB Corporation)
·         COL Don Curtis (HDR (Retired))
·         Joe Davis (Custom Engineering)
·         Doug Dreiling (Lochner)
·         Phil Dula (HydroGeologic)
·         Jim Feikert (Henderson Engineering)
·         Theresa Ferguson (HydroGeoLogic)
·         Terry Flanagan (HNTB)
·         Nate Fry (HNTB Corporation)
·         COL Tony Hofmann (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Megan Hultgren (Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc.)
·         Phyllis Jackson (NOAA)
·         Melissa Kelley (Shafer, Kline & Warren)
·         Judy Kriete (Farnsworth Group)
·         Amy Lines (Kleinfelder)
·         Catherine Lamanske 
·         LaTasha McCall (Custom Engineering)
·         Rich McCullom (HDR)
·         Jason Meyers (Burns & McDonnell)
·         Jennifer Miller (PST)
·         Heather Morrow (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Jackie Mosher (CDMSmith)
·         Larry Myers (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Wendy Parker (AMEC)
·         Tom Poer (HNTB Corporation)
·         Arthur Saulsberry (USACE, Kansas City District)
·         Jennifer Sherwood (TransSystems)
·         Linda Starkovich (Tomkins Architects)
·         Jason Sweet (Greenhorne & O'mara)
·         Bill Yord (Louis Berger Group)
·         Merrill Watt (Retired)
·         Brie Zickefoose (Prudent Technologies)


Bliss Medal
·         Dean Kevin Truman (UMKC, School of Computing and Engineering)

Young Member of the Year
·         Ann Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)


Small Business Liaison Officer of the Year
·         Jackie Hacker (Shaw)


Post Service Award, Honorable Mention
·         Larry Myers (USACE, Kansas City District)

Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Tim Fobes (HDR) 
·         Mark Loes (Kleinfelder)
·         Matt Metcalf (Tug Hill Construction)
·         Jason Meyers (BWR)

Small Business Advocate of the Year
·         Jackie Hacker (Shaw)

Post Service Award
·         Larry Myers (USACE, Kansas City District)

Young Member of the Year
·         Marc Nicolas (HNTB)


Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal
·         Merrill Watt (Retired)

Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Bill Koski (CDM)

Meritorious Support
·         Lori Madden (BDY)


Young Member Medal
·         Matt Metcalf (AMEC)

Regional Vice President’s Medal
·         Phil Dula (Shaw)
·         Chuck Madden (GBA)


Sustaining Member Firm of the Year
·         HDR
·         HNTB Corporation

Young Member of the Year
·         Ann Riedel Ewy (USACE, Kansas City District)


Post Plaque for Service
·         Arl Altman (Pangea)
·         Connie Cook (EMR)

Past Post Presidents (since World War II)


Term of Office  President Employer During Term of Office
2019 Hillary Weber Insight Environmental, Engineering and Construction
2018 Jason Sweet Stantec
2017 Matthew Turner Yaeger Architecture
2016 Melissa Kelley Henderson Engineers, Inc.
2015 Al Osborne Ascentra
2014 Ann Ewy USACE, Kansas City District
2013 Matt Metcalf Tepa, LLC
2012 COL Tony Hofmann USACE, Kansas City District
2011 Chris Prinslow USACE, Kansas City District
2010 Mark Loes Kleinfelder
2009 COL Roger A. Wilson, Jr.      USACE, Kansas City District
2008 Tom Poer HNTB Corporation
2007 Gerald Adams Yaeger Architecture
2006 COL Mike Rossi USACE, Kansas City District
 2005 Rick Cunningham HDR
2004 Juan Uribe HNTB Corporation
2003 COL Donald Curtis USACE, Kansas City District
2002 LTC Gary Heer USACE, Kansas City District
2001 Bob Skach URS Corporation
2000  COL George Hazel USACE, Kansas City District
1999 Steve Whitfield Burns & McDonnell
1998 Michael M. Katzman  
1997 John W. Brake  
1996 COL Richard Goring USACE, Kansas City District
1995 Richard Rose  
1994 Larry Myers USACE, Kansas City District
1993 Terence D. Flanagan HNTB Corporation
 1992 COL Wilbur H. Boutin, Jr. USACE, Kansas City District
1991 Paul D. Barber USACE, Kansas City District
1990 David C. Howe Black & Veatch
1989 COL John H. Atkinson, III USACE, Kansas City District
1988 Thomas C. Kirkwood  
1987 John Stovall  
1986 COL Robert M. Amrine USACE, Kansas City District
1985 Robert A. Stude Boyd Brown Stude & Cambern
1984 COL Gurnie C. Gunter USACE, Kansas City District
1983 James D. Steele Burns & McDonnell
1982 LTC Chester W. Smith  
1981 COL Walter C. Bell / LTC Chester W. Smith      USACE, Kansas City District
1980 Allan V. Wind  
1979 Myron D. Calkins  
1978 COL Richard L. Curl USACE, Kansas City District
1977 Theodore C. Finkemeier  
1976 Harry E. Lutz  
 1975 LTC Ernest G. Seaman  
1974 COL William R. Needham USACE, Kansas City District
1973 CDR J. A. Boyd, Jr.  
1972 COL William N. Doyle USACE, Kansas City District
1971 LTC Deich / Theodore C. Finkemeier USACE, Kansas City District
1970 LCDR H. Bruce Deyoe  
1969  CAPT E. B. Brown  
1968 COL W. G. Kratz USACE, Kansas City District
1967 COL M. E. Jewel USACE, Kansas City District
1966 Edwin J. Runyan  
1965 COL Miles L. Wachendorf USACE, Kansas City District
1964 COL Frank P. White  
1963 LCDR Andrew G. Sutherland  
1962 COL A. P. Rollins USACE, Kansas City District
1961 COL H. E. Webster  
1960 CDR W. J. Valentine  
1959 MAJ Barnes  
1958 Richard Rice  
1957 Charles Karsh  
1956 Charles Karsh  
1955 COL Harry Shannon  
1954 William Doyle / MAJ Narciso Abella  
1953 R. Emmet Walsh  
1952 William M. Spann  
1951 LTC Lipton / COL R. P. West  
1950 John S. David  
1949 COL P. D. Berrigan USACE, Kansas City District
1932 T.L. Jonah  



The Academy of Fellows is an organization within The Society that recognizes those Members who have distinguished themselves in service to the Nation, the engineering profession and The Society and have committed to continue to provide this same level of service into the future.

Greater Kansas City Fellow Year inducted as Fellow
Matthew Turner 2021
Jackie Hacker 2017
COL Tony Hofmann (Retired)  2017
CDR Allen Osborne (Retired) 2017
Mark Loes
Ann Ewy, PMP 2015
Chris Prinslow, PE
Matt Metcalf, PE 2014
Thomas Poer, P.E. 2011
Thomas C. Kirkwood 2009
COL Don Curtis, P.E. Ret 2008
David C. Howe, PE 2008
LTC John W. Brake, P.E. USA Ret. 2007
Mr. Juan A. Uribe, P.E. 2006
Mr. Paul D. Barber, P.E. 2006
Mr. Daniel P. Miller, P.E. 2005
Mr. Michael A. Zambrana 2005
LTC Neal T. Wright, P.E. USA Ret. 2004
COL William A. Singleton, USAFR 2002
Mr. Peter H. Green 2001
Mr. Gerald W. Adams 2000
Mr. Larry J. Woscyna 1999
Mr. Peter J. Cannon 1999
Mr. Larry L. Myers 1998
Mr. Lynn Pruitt 1998
Mr. Terence D. Flanagan, P.E. 1998
Mr. Walter E. Heinz 1998
Mr. Roland W. Johnston 1997
COL Gurnie C. Gunter, USA Ret. 1994
LTC Merrill W. Watt, II PE, USA Ret. 1994
Mr. Theodore C. Finkemeier, P.E. 1994
Mr. James D. Steele 1986
COL Chester W. Smith 0
Lt. Cmdr Harry Deyoe 0