Past Presentations

November 2019

Young Member Community of Interest
Agana Heights Gym Restroom Repair Project

Presented by: 

James Kirk 
Construction Manager
Contrack Watts


October 2019

Main Presentation: Powering the Future

Presented by: 

John M. Benavente, P.E. 
General Manager
Guam Power Authority


September 2019

Main Presentation: 2019 H-2B Program Update

Presented by: 

Greg S. Massey, Administrator
Alien Labor Processing & Certification Division
Department of Labor

August 2019
Guam Industry Forum

Government of Guam Project Portfolio

Presented by:
Vera Topasna, Executive Director
Guam Military Buildup Office

Military Construction Update

Presented by: 
CAPT Dan Turner, PE 
NAVFAC Marianas Commanding Officer
Joint Region Marianas Regional Engineer

Munitions & Explosive of Concerns/ Explosive Safety Submittal

Presented by: 
CAPT Dan Turner, PE and Mr. Jackie Smith
NAVFAC Marianas/Joint Region Marianas

Session Summaries:

Session 1 - Concept through Design
Session 2 - Bid through Contract Award
Session 3 - Contract Award through Turn Over
Session 4 - Pros and Cons of On-Base and Off-base Work

July 2019

Main Presentation: Naval Support Unit

Presented by: 

LT Timothy Dahms, PE, USN, CEC
SAME National Young Member Community of Interest (COI)
SAME Engineer and Construction Camp COI Liaison

June 2019

Sustaining Member Brief: Planate Management Group

Presented by: 

Chris Decker, P.E.
President, Planate Management Group

March 2019

Main Presentation: University of Guam School of Engineering

Presented by: 
Dr. Shahram Khosrowpanah (Dr. K) , P.E.
Dean, School of Engineering


February 2019

Main Presentation: NAVFAC Construction Program Update

Presented by: 
CAPT Dan Turner, P.E.
NAVFAC Marianas Commanding Officer
Joint Region Marianas Regional Engineer 

January 2019

Main Presentation: Transportation: Planning Your Project
Presented by: 
Phillip Santos and Camilo Lorenzo
Matson Navigation Company

November 2018

Main Presentation 1: 36th Civil Engineering Squadron
Presented by:
Capt Nicolas Brown

Main Presentation 2: 36 CES Emergency Management

Presented by:
2d Lt Austin Robinson

October 2018

Main Presentation: 120 MW Solar PV & Energy Storage System Projects
Presented by:
Joaquin Flores, P.E., Director of Energy Projects
TG Engineers

September 2018

Main Presentation: J-001B Finegayan Utilities & Site Improvements, Phase 1
Presented by:
Kevin Kruger, Guam Area Manager
Granite-Obayashi Joint Venture

August 2018

Main Presentation: Route 3 Widening
Presented by:
Willie Diwa, Project Manager
Duncan Horne, Project Superintendent
Black Construction Corporation

July 2018

Main Presentation: Upgrade of Northern District WWTP
Presented by: Ken Rekdahl, PE
Duenas, Camacho and Associates

Second Presentation: Joint Engineering Training Conference
Presented by: 
Ilana Almquist, Coffman Engineers
ENS Eric Fallon, CEC, USN
John Robertson, AmOrient Engineering

June 2018

Main Presentation: PFOS and PFOA
Presented by: Oscar Martinez, Senior Chemist
Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)