Past Presentations

November 2018

Presentation 1: 36th Civil Engineering Squadron
Presented by:
Capt Nicolas Brown

Presentation 2: 36 CES Emergency Management
Presented by:
2d Lt Austin Robinson

October 2018

Main Presentation: 120 MW Solar PV & Energy Storage System Projects
Presented by:
Joaquin Flores, P.E., Director of Energy Projects
TG Engineers

September 2018

Main Presentation: J-001B Finegayan Utilities & Site Improvements, Phase 1
Presented by:
Kevin Kruger, Guam Area Manager
Granite-Obayashi Joint Venture

August 2018

Main Presentation: Route 3 Widening
Presented by:
Willie Diwa, Project Manager
Duncan Horne, Project Superintendent
Black Construction Corporation

July 2018

Main Presentation: Upgrade of Northern District WWTP
Presented by: Ken Rekdahl, PE
Duenas, Camacho and Associates

Second Presentation: Joint Engineering Training Conference
Presented by: 
Ilana Almquist, Coffman Engineers
ENS Eric Fallon, CEC, USN
John Robertson, AmOrient Engineering

June 2018

Main Presentation: PFOS and PFOA
Presented by: Oscar Martinez, Senior Chemist
Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)