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SAME Guam Post: Officers, Directors and Committee Members
July 2017 through June 2018

 Officers    Name   Organization
President    John M Robertson, P.E.   AmOrient Engineering
Past President   CAPT Noel Enriquez, USN (Ret)   Stanley Consultants
1st Vice President   CAPT Dan Turner, PE, CEC, USN   OICC MC Marianas
2nd Vice President   LT Tim Dahms, PE, CEC, USN   NAVFAC Marianas
Secretary    LTJG Marc Simm, CEC, USN   OICC MC Marianas
Alt Secretary   ENS Eric Fallon, CEC, USN   NAVFAC Marianas
Treasurer                                 Chris Arnsfield, MBA, PMP   APTIM
Alt Secretary   Eric Marble   Brown & Caldwell


Elected Director (7th year term)  Bob Shambach, PG  EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC 
Elected Director (4th year term)  Tor Gudmundsen, PE  TG Engineers 
Elected Director (4th year term)  Art Chan  Hawaiian Rock Products 
Elected Director (4th year term)  Al Sampson  NAVFAC Marianas 
Elected Director (3rd year term)  Rose Sellew  Chugach 
Elected Director (3rd year term) Scott Thompson, PE            Coffman Engineers

Elected Director (3rd year term)

Pete Diaz, PE


Elected Director (2nd year term)

Jeffrey Groom, PE


Elected Director (1st year term)

Loretta Mata                 Watts Constructors

Elected Director (Young Member)

Jecelia Llegado                       



SAME National Appointments:

Pacific Regional VP                         Richard Stump, AIA                           Stanley Consultants

Pacific Assistant RVP                      Eric Warner, PE                                 374th

Academy of Fellows                        Louis DeMaria, PE                             Pacific Developments

             CDR Wayne Cornell, USN (Ret)        DZSP 21


Guam Post Appointed Directors: 

            Steve Taylor                                    Versar

            John Paul Dierking                          OICC MC Marianas

            Marlene Slomka                              Asia Tiger Construction

            ENS Sarah Fyda                             OICC MC Marianas

            Norma Borja                                    NAVFAC Marianas 

            Iiana Almquist                                 Coffman Engineers


Appointed by the Board                                                    Name                                                       Organization


         Audit Committee                                                      Wayne Cornell, Chair                            DZSP 21

                                                                                              Scott Thompson                                    Coffman Engineer

                                                                                              Louis DeMaria                                        Pacific Developments

         Budget Committee                                                   Bob Shambach, Chair                            EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC

                                                                                              Noel Enriquez                                         Stanley Consultants

                                                                                              Mary Jo Pablo                                         AmOrient Engineering

        Investment Committee                                            Bob Shambach, Chair                            EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC

                                                                      Noel Enriquez                                         Stanley Consultants

                                                                      LT Dave Schultz                                      OICC MC Mariana

        Fiscal Policy Committee                                           Chris Arnsfield                                        APTIM

        Streamers                                                                   Bob Shambach, Chair                            EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC

Relationships and Recognition Committee

        Programs Committee                                               Rose Sellew, Chair                                 Chugach                

                                                                                      Loretta Mata                                          Watts Constructors

        Awards Committee                                                   Al Sampson, Chair                                  NAVFAC Marianas

                                                                                              Pete Diaz                                                 AECOM

        Small Business Committee                                       Al Sampson, Chair                                  NAVFAC Marianas

                                                                                              Norma Borja                                            NAVFAC Marianas

                                                                                              Marlene Slomka                                     Asia Tiger Construction

Leadership and Mentoring

        Charlie Corn Scholarship Committee

              Scholarship Selection Subcommittee              Tor Gudmundsen, Chair                        TG Engineers

                                                                                              Scott Thompson                                     Coffman Engineers

                                                                                      Wayne Cornell                                        DZSP 21

                                                                                      Pete Diaz                                                 AECOM

      Golf Tournament Subcommittee                      Loretta Mata, Chair                               Watts Construction

                                                                              Wayne Cornell, Co-chair                       DZSP 21

                                                                                      J. Arthur Chan, Jr, Co-chair                   Hawaiian Rock Products

Membership Committee                                          Jecelia Llegado, Chair                            GHD 

      Young Members Subcommittee                       Jecelia Llegado, Chair                            GHD

                                                                                      John Paul Dierking                                 OICC MC Marianas

                                                                                      Eric Marble                                              Brown and Caldwell

                                                                                      Llana Almquist                                        Coffman Engineers

Manila Chapter                                                          Steve Taylor, Chair                                 Versar

                                                                                      Wayne Cornell                                       DZSP 21

UOG Student Chapter                                               Pete Diaz                                                 AECOM

                                                                                              John Paul Dierking                                 OICC MC Marianas

        K-12 Outreach

               Math Counts Subcommittee                            Tor Gudmundsen                                   TG Engineers

               Engineers Week Subcommittee                      Scott Thompson                                     Coffman Engineer

                                                                                              Ilana Almquist                                       Coffman Engineers

              STEM Camp                                                          Noel Enriquez, Chair                              Stanley Consultants

                                                                      Pete Diaz                                                 AECOM

                                                                      Bob Shambach                                       EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC

                                                                      LT Timothy Dahms                                NAVFAC Marianas

                                                                      ENS Sarah Fyda                                      OICC MC Marianas

Professional Development and Growth

        Education and Training                                            Jeffrey Groom                                        GHD

        PE Exam Study Group                                               Jecelia Llegado                                      GHD

        Seminar Planning                                                      Jeffrey Groom                                        GHD      

                                                                                             John Robertson                                      AmOrient Engineering

Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Resilience

        Emergency Preparendness Liaison                       Bob Shambach                                        EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc. PBC

Special Advisors

       Parliamentarian                                                        John Robertson                                      AmOrient Engineering

       Post Webmaster                                                       ENS Sarah Fyda                                       OICC MC Marianas