Small Business Outreach + Industry Day
August 2021 Hold Paramount: The Engineer's Responsibility to the Public in a Changing Environment
Slides: here
(Video Recording: here)
Sustaining Members: Froehling & Robertson & Stantec

July 2021 Building Envelope Commissioning
Slides: here
(Video Recording: here)
Sustaining Members: Burns & McDonnell & ECS Mid-Atlantic LLC

May 2021 Environmental Considerations in Land Development/Redevelopment
Slides: here
(Video Recording: here)
Sustaining Members: Ameresco & MEB: here

Apr 2021 GBI's DOD GPC NC: Compliance Through Collaboration 
Slides: here
Sustaining members: Michael Baker, Slides: here & Hudgins Contracting Corp, Video: here

Mar 2021 Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel 
Slides: here
(Video Recording: here 

Feb 2021 Centennial Celebration 
Living & Working Your Life's Purpose & "Savoir-Faire" The
 History of Military Fortifications of Hampton Roads
(Video Recording: here 

Jan 2021 Victory for Vets Workshop

PMI Hampton RoadsDoD SkillBridge ProgramHiring our Heroes 
(Video Recording: here

Dec 2020 Industry - Government Engagement Workshop 
Military & Maritime Engineering Opportunities 

1000 Plenary Session (Video Recording: here
1100 Regional Collaboration - MIBE (Slides 1, Slides 2; Video Recording: here
1245 The $21B Shipyard SIOP (Slides 1; Video Recording: here
1345 Offshore Wind Projects (Slides 1; Video Recording: here
1500 Hot Topics (Slides 1, Slides 2, Slides 3; Video Recording: here)

SAME Small Business Outreach + Industry Day 2021

SAME SB + Industry Day Registration List


Day 1 - KeyNote_Gen Milhorn

Day 1 - Agency Briefings 

Day 2 - KeyNote_CAPT Bartoe

Day 2 - Agency Briefings


SBA - Shirelle Taliaferro

BDC at OBU - Monique McWhite

USACE Philadelphia - Brooke Patterson

USACE - Baltimore - Tamika Gray

USACE Savannah - Jennifer Cavanagh

USACE Wilmington - Jason Dalton 

USACE Norfolk - Mike Darrow 

633 Const - Michael Costlow

USCG - Ross Woodson and Vinienne Moore


DOJ - Kerrie Jackson 

Keynote - NAVFAC Atlantic - CAPT Bartoe