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Young Members

An SAME Young Member is defined as any member aged 39 or younger at the local (post) level. A Young Member Initiative (“YMI”) committee was established in October 2015. The YMI’s vision is to develop the next leaders of SAME both regionally and nationally by focusing on inclusion, growth, development and recognition.

Young Members will host events and develop fundraising strategies for the members of the Post. You DO NOT have to be considered a “young member” to attend our events. Everyone is welcome! Events planned are geared toward the goal of getting more young members involved, connecting those members to mentors, and providing them with opportunities to grow into leadership positions within the organization.

Events to join include professional development lunches, happy hours, sport outings like the annual Top Golf Networking Event, volunteer events, tours of engineering developments around Houston and intramural sports.

The YMI also works with the surrounding universities that have either new or well established SAME chapters, to mentor and train the students into leadership positions. This sets up a good base of leaders coming out of the universities to serve under the YMI locally, nationally and internationally.