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01/29/2020 - SAME illini Post Luncheon and Meeting


The Illini Post's first meeting and lunch presentation of the New Year will be on Wednesday January 29, 2020 starting at 1100 in the Shaffer Auditorium at the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) (2902 Newmark Dr., Champaign, IL 61822).  Please reply to sameillinipost@gmail.com to RSVP.

We will begin with a presentation from Madison Arflack, a SAME STEM camper, regarding her attendance at the "2019 SAME STEM Camp at Scott AFB".  Ms. Arflack with be followed by Dr. Melkior Ornick of the Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The title of Dr. Ornick's presentation is "Deception and Counter-deception in Planning and Environment Design".  The abstract is as follows:

"The success of an agent in a number of defense and intelligence scenarios rests on the agent's use of deception: a strategy that enables the agent to progress towards its objective while influencing the beliefs of the agent’s adversary about the agent's intent. For instance, an intruder into a facility may wish to instill incorrect belief about its location, identity or objective, while at the same time progressing along its mission. The success of the agent's deception naturally depends on the behavior of its adversary, as well as the characteristics of the environment in which deception is taking place. In this talk, I will discuss current work on formalizing the notions of deception in the context of motion planning. I will discuss design of optimal deceptive strategies as well as the design of optimal strategies to prevent or uncover deception. Finally, I will briefly discuss recent work on counter-deceptive environment planning a rigorous method of ensuring that the environment layout helps expose potential deception, and describe its connections with the theoretical problem of optimal circle packing."

University of Illinois ROTC Award Ceremony April 2017

University of Illinois ROTC Award Ceremony April 2017

The Illini Post has supported this recognition program for more than 30 years

 Cadet James M Case


 Cadet Samuel M Chung


 Midshipman Sean K Pepin