Past Events

  • On 01 June 2022, SAME Kaiserslautern Post members met in Freisen, Germany for a two hour tour of the SAAR Park Windfarm, led by Herr Thomas Naegler. Herr Naegler initiated the idea for wind energy in the area and has been the manager of the windfarm since its inception in 1991. During the tour, many aspects of the wind turbines were discussed from past to present -topics ranged from technical energy outputs to building aspects, German federal regulations, construction costs, nature conservation, and the changes in usage of wind energy over the years. Members were shown new and old wind turbines, were able to enter into the base of the turbine itself and view the inner workings of the machine, and finally visit the construction site of a new turbine, where the concrete and rebar for the foundation were partially completed and demonstrated the sheer magnitude of the structure. 

    Ramstein High School construction project tour

    • 28 April 2022 Meeting:  USAFE-AFAFRICA A4C Overview | LTC Grant Harwell | Announcements | Presentation | Recording

    • 31 March 2022 Meeting:  Per- and Polyfluro Substances: Challenges & Solutions | Slides | Recording 

    • 23 February 2022:  Challenges of Estimating and Managing Design and Construction Cost Risks in Europe (Virtual IGE Event) | Slides | PDH Certificate | Recording

    • JANUARY K-TOWN EVENT:  Spangdahlem AB-52nd CES-SMSGT Kenney gave us for a presentation on the innovative ways that Spangdahlem Civil Engineering Squadron attempting to combine a variety of commercial technologies into a system (termed Project ArcWater) to improve and economize the way the Air Force is deploying its resources for Agile Combat Employment (ACE).  ACE is an operational scheme of maneuvers to increase survivability in a near peer conflict.  The project goal is to reduce fuel, manpower, and resources needed for deployed forces by using solar fabric integrated power systems and an atmospheric water harvester. The project has been submitted for an Air Force SparkTank award and has made it to the Top 5 for consideration out of 200 ideas.  Links:  Post Announcements | Slides | Recording | ArcWater YouTube Presentation 
  • DECEMBER K-TOWN EVENT:  This week the Kaiserslautern S.A.M.E. Post enjoyed an architectural tour of historic Kaiserslautern, Germany. Members gathered for a walking tour to study the new an old structures and history of the city. Guided by a wonderful local national, they studied the remains of the castle built for Frederick Barbarossa- a German King and Holy Roman Emperor, located on what used to be a river/pond, in downtown Kaiserslautern. Several other sandstone structures (such as the historic Church), the history of the quarries, and underground Jewish baths were also reviewed. The guide explained interesting finds over the years, such as huge trees that were used as elements for old buildings to shore up sandstone structures in boggy areas (and are still in use today) and coffins that were discovered during the second world war, from hundreds/thousands of years prior. Pictures are members of SAME in front of part of the remains of the Castle of Barbarossa and a handful of sights included on the walk. If you would like to join us in the future, please reach out to me at same.ktown.civilianVP@gmail.com or jenregel@yahoo.com

Asset Management, Climate Resilience Risk, and Resilience Intelligence

Presented by
Michael Bilney MBA
Global Senior Principal | Asset Management and Resilience | Cardno)

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Ramstein High School Construction Project Tour

On Friday, 20 Aug 2021, USACE led a tour for the K-Town Post of S.A.M.E. of the recently completed Ramstein High School construction project. It was the first in-person S.A.M.E. function for the K-Town Post in over a year and half, and a great success. We look forward to our coming year! View photos from the tour below:

Ramstein High School construction project tour


Ramstein High School construction project tour

2021 SAME Kaiserslautern Post Golf Tournament

2021 SAME Kaiserslautern Post Golf Tournament

“Our popular Annual Golf Tournament was held 06 August. Thanks to all those who turned out and supported this fun event.”

1st Place: Team "Vintage": Tony Solina, Gary Russ, David Carlson, Steve Juhasz

Watch the tournament's highlights on YouTube