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Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)


2018 STEM Camps

SAME has been supporting STEM events for over 30 years and conducting STEM Engineering & Construction Camps for almost 20 years. Our STEM camps are world-class and feature a very impressive record of producing thousands of engineers and STEM graduates. Our camps generally feature hands-on activities, conducted in a competitive environment, promoting teamwork, leadership, project management, and problem solving. Each of our camps have a unique curriculum with the common thread being a challenging environment and hands-on activities.

Our STEM Engineering & Construction Camps are designed for high school students who excel in STEM and are interested in pursuing a degree in STEM in college Selection to the Camps is competitive.

Camps are supervised by a staff of working engineers and STEM professionals. Part of the staff are young professionals in a mentoring and leadership role. These mentors are committed to inspiring campers to pursue STEM in college. Mentors are also resources for the campers, providing long-term connections for our alumni.

For information about upcoming camps click here.

2018 Future City Competition

Hello sponsors!

Let me start by again thanking you and asking you to pass along to your decision making committees/colleagues my thanks as well.

We are going to have an awesome competition and I wanted to give you a little bit of information and get your response to a couple of questions. You all fall in the category of “special awards”. These are sent to the teams, and they decide which ones to research and add to their city concept. There are currently 10 special awards. When added to the requirements of the competition, most teams won’t try every single one. At the competition, there will be a grid on every team’s table that the teams will put a dot inside. You will know which section of the grid is yours. When you go around to the teams, you will be able to see if they have put a dot in your section. That will mean they are prepared to talk to you about your award and you will be able to spend more time with teams that actually have done your award and less with ones that haven’t.

At the end of the judging time, you will need to give me four or five teams that you would like to win your award (you can order them by most deserving). We will then put all the special awards together and decide who will win what. You will have a few teams that could legitimately win everything, but I do the best I can to spread those awards around. I do want it to go to a team that you would feel comfortable winning it though.

That is how the process will work! When the award is given, we will make sure to get a picture of the winning team, and make sure you get a copy of that so that you can promote however you see fit.

So, I have a couple of things to ask you:

1)    Will you or a representative be attending the competition to judge your award? I have attached the TENTATIVE schedule for the 15th. The judging window is essentially 9:30-3. Lunch is in there, and will be provided. If you can’t attend, that is completely fine! We will work on getting someone familiar with your rubric and they will judge the award for you.

2)    Will you or a representative be coming to the awards to present the award? You do not have to do this at all. In fact, I don’t know that we have ever had someone do it…but I always want to ask! It’s your award, so I want you to give it if you’d like!

I can’t thank you all enough for your support of the program. Even if you can’t attend, you have made a big impact on the kids that compete in Future City.

Joe Perceful
Regional Coordinator
Future City Kentucky

Participants from South Oldham Middle School