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Scholarship Information


The 2019 SAME Scholarship application is now available. Applications are due by March 11, 2019. For more information click here.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck as you pursue your degree.

Past winners:

2018 - Robert Christopher Owens, Victoria Lasley, and Amanda Greenwell

2017 - Thomas Beyerle, Finn Brutsmann, Victoria Lasley, Corbin Mosser, and Robert Christopher Owens

2016 - Finn Brutsman, Cory Smith, Logan Hickey, Ryan Jennings, William Clabaugh, and Patrick Drury

2015 - Corbin Mosser, Adam Freeburg, Logan Hickey, John Lowery, Lucy Schurr, and Nick Aerni

2014 - Kara Jane Scott, Zack Beavin, Allan Bartlett, Gavin O’Hara, and Elizabeth Ott

2013 - Jedidiah Kampen, Elliot Magoto, Marcella Kennedy, Nicolas Spoentgen, Allan Bartlett, and Thomas Solinger