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Executive Committee Positions

The term of office for positions of the Executive Committee is for one year, with the exception of the Board of Directors roles which are two year positions. The terms begin in July and end in June of the following year. The incoming Executive Committee is voted on at the May General Membership Meeting. They begin exercising their roles and responsibilities at the July Executive Committee Transition Meeting; the outgoing Executive Committee relinquishes their roles automatically at the onset of the aforementioned July Executive Committee Transition Meeting.

Title Name Company Phone
President Jane Flewellen Mortenson 763-287-3464
Vice President Lindsey Roberts McKenzie SEH 651-765-2956
Junior Vice President Erin Krug US Army Corps of Engineers
Secretary Dan Kvasnicka HDR 763-591-5406
Treasurer Cora Núñez-Orta US Army Corps of Engineers
Past President Paul Dierking
HDR 763-591-5473
Director Ann Banitt US Army Corps of Engineers
Director Dave Ausdemore Health Systems Sciences, LLC 678-836-4705
Director Katy Thompson
Director Matt Redington HDR 736-591-5487