Fort Meade WWI Memorial

SAME Mid Maryland is doing our historical outreach for the reconstruction and preservation of the Fort Meade WWI Memorial. We are looking for volunteers and supplies for this on-going event.

314th Infantry Log Cabin Memorial

Why Should We Reconstruct This Memorial?

It is of national historic value. We believe that it is the only Memorial of its kind in the U.S. It was actually constructed by the doughboys themselves, BEFORE they went to battle, then maintained by the veterans themselves after the war. In 1922, after being moved by the veterans to Valley Forge Park, it was dedicated and accepted by Franklin D'Olier, the first National Commander of the American Legion, "In the Name of the American People" (www.314th.org/1922-log-cabin-dedication.html).

It serves as a reminder to the nation that veterans are not forgotten. Soldiers and families today want to know that what they do matters and that they will not be forgotten. They will never forget their comrades in battle and there is a great appreciation from those soldiers of today in seeing that even 100 years later, WE have not forgotten those veterans of WWI who fought and in some cases died for us - - - not for fame, not for glory, but because they were called to serve and it was the right thing to do. Remembering those veterans of WWI serves as a reassurance to those in uniform today that they will also be remembered in 100 years for what they are doing.

It is important to the history of Fort Meade. It will be rededicated as Fort Meade's WWI Memorial - their only memorial to the more than 400,000 soldiers who passed through Camp Meade during WWI. Fort Meade is one of the 10 installations across the U.S. that were stood up for WWI (that are still in operation). The 314th Cabin would be the only WWI era building at Fort Meade. The cabin would serve both as a reminder of the past and a bridge to the future.


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