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Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Resilience(EPIR)



In today’s environment, there exists an increasing potential of occurrence of both natural and man-made emergencies or disasters. Such events include terrorist attacks, sabotage, or other hostile incidents or hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires and other natural hazards.

The Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Resilience Committee has two primary responsibilities: coordinate the public and private sector outreach and exchange of information to better prepare the NoVA post members and local communities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster or emergency; and keep NoVA post members updated on the current state of homeland security and defense. The committee works with Federal, State and community emergency management officials and disaster relief organizations to develop and improve plans and capabilities to respond to natural and man–made disasters.

The NoVA post places an emphasis on Whole Community Resiliency recognizing that local and federal government resources and capabilities must work conjunction with the private sector and non-profits to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of the citizens. The NoVA post members’ expertise in infrastructure protection, emergency management, and mission critical operations can be used to mitigate the potential disruption and economic loses to the local communities by ensuring businesses, government, and critical services are maintained and restored quickly. Further, to effectively execute their responsibilities, NOVA is strongly aligned with The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) and will continue close collaboration to advance the practice and policies of regional and infrastructure resilience to sustain the nation’s resources and the country’s ability to efficiently restore infrastructure when disrupted by any hazard.

The NoVA post has played a critical role in the development of, and as an active member of the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System (www.NVERS.org). NVERS mission is to provide a system that supports joint, integrated, and interdisciplinary regional strategic planning, priority setting, policy-making, operations, logistics, communications, and administration in support of first responders in the 25 cities, counties and towns in Northern Virginia.

The NoVA post hosts special events bringing together both government and private sector participants to increase collaboration and provide a state-of-the-practice update on homeland security and homeland defense issues.

Post Emergency Preparedness and Infrastructure Resilience Committee


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