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Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security


Committee Members

Mark Luskin - Patriot Engineering - Chair (mluskin@patrioteng.com)

Derial Bivens - Tennessee Department of Transportation
Chris Conrad - L.I. Smith & Associates, Inc.
Chris Green - TTL, Inc. - FT Campbell Representative
Mike Cochrane - TTL, Inc.

Mission Statement

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Emergency Preparedness & Homeland Security Committee members work with Federal, State and Local emergency management officials and disaster relief organizations to develop and improve plans and capabilities to respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Committee Objectives

The Nashville Post of the Society of American Military Engineers has an active Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee. The objective of this committee is to coordinate with Local/State/Federal Emergency Response Agencies in an attempt to provide needed resources for immediate local emergency response in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Our Mission, as members of SAME, is to facilitate the Engineering support for National Security, and this is what the Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee is committed to doing.

In 2010, Nashville Post joined efforts with the Campbell Post and has formed a joint committee dedicated to these efforts. Representatives from both the Nashville and Campbell Posts work together in developing the mission and plan of the Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee and participate jointly in training and exercises with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee for the Nashville SAME Post is attempting to identify the available resources and assets of Sustaining and Individual Members in an effort to bridge gaps between Private Industry and Local/State/Federal level Emergency Response Programs. These resources can range in a variety of ways, and are limited only by your willingness to provide these resources. There is a need for everything from equipment to supplies, individual participation to professional assessments. If you feel you have something to offer and would like to know more, please contact Bryon Olsen (Bryon.Olsen@Willis.com).


The Infrastructure Security Partnership

The Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee also works with The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) in developing plans and resources for responding to natural and man-made disasters. TISP is a non-profit partnership intended to be a national asset facilitating dialogue on domestic infrastructure security and offering sources of technical support and sources for comment on public policy related to the security of the nation's built environment. TISP is a national leader in infrastructure security and resiliency with a diverse membership supporting the nation's economy and well being of its people. TISP pledges to lead public- and private-sector collaboration that advances the practice and policies of infrastructure security and resiliency to sustain the nation's resources and its ability to efficiently restore infrastructure when disrupted by any hazard.

For more information on TISP, please visit their website at http://www.tisp.org

Committee News

During the 2010 calendar year, the Nashville Post Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee (formerly known as Readiness and Homeland Security Committee) was featured in two separate articles. One article was featured in the June/July edition of the YM Connections, the SAME Young Member Newsletter. The other article was featured in the December edition of The Voice, the Tennessee cahpter of ACEC Newsletter.

The Nashville/Campbell Post Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Committee participated in a FEMA National Level Exercise scheduled for May 2011. This exercise will be a simulated disaster of catastrophic nature focused around a seismic event at the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The event incorporated emergency response agencies in 8 states. For more information on the event, you can view the Fact sheet by selecting the link above. To find out how you or your Sustaining Member Firm can participate in future events such as this one, email bolsen@hardaway.net for more information.

Nashville/Campbell EPHS committee member co-wrote an article published in the Mar/Apr 2012 edition of The Military Engineer (TME). The article discusses Energy Security at FT Campbell. Select the link to view the article.

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