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The Society of American Military Engineers (the Society) established the Academy of Fellows in 1995 to recognize those members of The Society who have distinguished themselves in service to the Nation, the Engineering Profession, and the Society. To be nominated, a member of the Society must meet strict standards and each nomination is carefully considered by a reviewing committee and approved by the SAME Board of Direction. The Constitution of The Society provides that Fellows are "members of the Society who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to The Society and to the engineering profession and who are approved to become a Fellow in accordance with procedures established by the Bylaws. Nominees shall have been members of The Society for a minimum of ten years and shall remain in good standing in the Society."

Academy of Fellows

Below is a listing of active Omaha Post members who are also members of the Academy of Fellows.
Congratulations to everyone listed.





Matthew Harvey (Leader) P.E., F. SAME HDR mharvey@hdrinc.com
Mike Baldino PE Emertius & F. SAME Baldino Enterprises, LLC Mike.Baldino.BEllc@gmail.com
Robert Besancon F. SAME Jacobs robert.besancon@jacobs.com
Gary Chesley P.E., F. SAME
John Craig USA (Ret), F. SAME U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired) jlcraig8@cox.net
Ricky Cunningham R.A., F. SAME Eye Popping Promotions, LLC rcunningham@eyepoppingpromos.com
Amy D'Alonzo-Basehoar F. SAME Stell Environmental Enterprises, Inc. abasehoar@stellee.com
Philip C. Deakin P.E., F. SAME Envirocon pdeakin@envirocon.com
Richard Donovan P.E., F. SAME U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired) r.l.donovan@cox.net
Mary Erwin F. SAME HDR mary.erwin@hdrinc.com
Marvin Fisher USAF (Ret.), F. SAME Farnsworth Group, Inc. marvin.fisher@ymail.com
Dave Henney P.E., F. SAME
Steven Houser F. SAME Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises, LLC shouser@otie.com
Ronald Hughbanks F. SAME
W.L. Larry Jacobsen F. SAME The Schemmer Associates Inc ljacobsen@schemmer.com
Anita Larson PG, F. SAME CDM Smith larsonam@cdmsmith.com
Jeanne LeBron F. SAME
Geoffrey McKenzie P.E., F. SAME CDM mckenziegm@cdmsmith.com
David Press USA (Ret), F. SAME U.S. Strategic Command (Retired) dcpress@hotmail.com
Scott Prosuch F. SAME Tetra Tech Inc. scott.prosuch@tetratech.com
George Rasmussen P.E., F. SAME Los Alamos Technical Associates, Inc. (LATA) grasmussen@lata.com
John Remus P.E., F. SAME USACE-Omaha District john.i.remus@usace.army.mil
Tod Ringenberg F. SAME University of Nebraska Medical Center tod.ringenberg@unmc.edu
Robert Roumph P.E., F. SAME U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Retired) rroumph@cox.net
Kurt Ubbelohde USA (Ret), F. SAME LEO A DALY kfubbelohde@leoadaly.com
Bryan Vulcan P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME FourFront Design, Inc. bvulcan@4front.biz
John Whisler, Jr. P.E., USA (Ret), F. SAME
Larry Woscyna P.E., F. SAME USACE Rapid Response (DX) Lawrence.J.Woscyna@usace.army.mil
Roger Wozny P.E., F. SAME, LEED AP


Last Updated: September 09, 2015

SAME Omaha Post Sustaining Member Firms


Scholarships / Engineering & Construction Camps

SAME Omaha Post Scholarship

» Access the most recent SMP Scholarship application here.

» SAME Scholarship Brochure

New SMP Scholarship applications are due: March 1st
Renewals are due: February 1st

The Scholarship award(s) will be determined by the applicants 250 word essays discussing why they selected his/her chosen field of study over other educational opportunities and what contribution the applicant will make to the engineering/architectural world. In additional to the essay, the applicants also must meet the following criteria:

SAME Engineering and Construction Camps

(Do not need to be SMP participant)

SAME Omaha Post is now accepting applications for SAME Summer Engineering Camps. Omaha Post will pay for the camp fee and the participant pays for transportation to the camp (negotiable). The engineering camps are designed for High School students who excel in math, science and technical courses and are interested in pursuing engineering in college. These one-week camps in Vicksburg, Mississippi; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Lejeune, or North Carolina; are high energy, hands-on events for students from across the country and around the world. The camps are led by a professional staff of engineers from both private industry and the military services.

Applications for the camps are due: March 15th

Testimonials from Omaha Post nominees.

Click here to access forms and additional information.

For any additional information on these scholarships or camps please contact Adam Plack.

Doug Plack Scholarship Fund

Doug Plack

In appreciation of his many years of volunteer assistance to the organization, the Omaha Post has established the Doug Plack Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship has been established in perpetuity, and from this date forward, will provide education and training funds for a member of the Society, or for someone in their family. The goal of the Plack Scholarship is to raise a base of $20,000, from which the annual interest (approximately $2,000) will be given to one student per year. The first recipients of the scholarship were Doug's children, Adam and Whitney, who have now graduated. This scholarship is now open for applications (access the current Doug Plack Scholarship application here).

Applications are due April 1st and will be awarded at the annual Omaha Post Industry Day.

The Doug Plack Scholarship recipient for 2015 was Jacob Quint. Jacob is a sophomore at UNL studying Mechanical Engineering. He's been an engineering week education competition volunteer, Matt Talbot Kitchen food drive organizer, Salvation Army volunteer, volunteered as an out-of-school tutor, volunteer for the ALS walk for cure, and that's just a small sample. Jacob has provided all of this volunteer work while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Congratulations, Jacob!

Will you help us remember Doug - and continue his legacy of mentoring, assisting, and participating?

Please donate to the Doug Plack Memorial scholarship by sending your check, made payable to:

SAME Omaha Post
P.O. Box 24804
Omaha, NE 68124

Please note on the memo line that the check is for the Doug Plack Scholarship Fund.

» Thank You for Donating to the Doug Plack Scholarship. Click here to see the list of donators,