Metropolitan Water District Capital Investment Plan Update – October 26
Ernesto Chaves: Metro Highway Program Update – August 24
CAPT Tim Liberatore, P.E.: NAVFAC Southwest Update – July 27


CPEN Presentations
CAPT Bill Whitmire: Infrastructure Reset
Sharon Smith: Restoring American Power
John Simpson: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions?
Kathryn A. Stewart:The Navy’s Environmental Program in the Southwest
Jerry Dunaway: NAVFAC’s Role in Support of West Coast Beddown
Jim Wink, P.E.: Smart Installations – May 18
Dr. Ken Ho: Energy Storage for Renewables and Microgrids – May 18
Dr. Matt Wartian: Application of Military Microgrid Concepts to the Private Sector – May 18
The Navy’s Environmental Restoration Program in the Southwest – April 20
Charlene Waters:Los Angeles World Airports – March 16
Prisco Eric Ravelli: USACE Los Angeles District – March 16
Lora E. Morrow: NAVFAC Southwest – March 16
Irwin Water Works – March 16
FBI: Cyber Security – March 16
President Trump: Emergency & National Security Projects –  February 23
Grant Ferrier: 2017 Environmental Industry Overview –  February 23