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Post Officers (2020-2021)

President: Col Michelle Harwood, USAF-AFCEC

1st Vice-President: Mr. James Works, USAF-AFCEC

2nd Vice-President: Mr. Mike Dwyer, USAF-AFCEC

Secretary: MSgt Michael Watrous, USAF-AFCEC 

Treasurer: Lt. Col Andy Hoisington, USAF-AFCEC

Post Board

Past President:  Karsten Lipiec, USAF-AFCEC

Special Events Coordinator: Ms. Tiffany Castricone, Michael Baker International

Programs & Logistics: Mr. Wayland Patterson, term 2019-2021, USAF-AFCEC

Leadership & Mentoring: Mr. Joseph Harmon, term 2019-2021, ESA South

Relationships: Mr. Brandon Davis, term 2019-2021, USN-NAVFAC

Membership: Dr. Ken Knox, term 2020-2022, USAF-AFCEC

Professional Development & Growth (Scholarship/Camps): Mrs. Amabelle Paquia, term 2020-2022, DRMP, Inc.

Resiliency: Ms. Michelle Sipe, 2020-2022, Lutron

Outreach and Communications: Ms. Angela Nocera, F.SAME, term 2019-2021, Michael Baker International

Recognition & Nomination (Post Awards): Mr. Jim Frishkorn, term 2020-2022, BB&E

Senior Advisor: (1 yr Appoint): Mr. Cliff Fetter, F.SAME, USAF-AFCEC

Young Professionals: (1yr Appoint): Maj. Nate Thomsen, USAF-AFCEC

Small Business: (1 yr Appoint): Mr. Jay Wells, W3 Engineering Inc.