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My First Small Business Conference Experience

I landed my first marketing job with KOMAN Holdings in July of 2017. Within my first couple weeks on the job, I was brought to a SAME Philly Post board meeting where I was introduced to the SAME Philly team and added as a SAME Member. I had the opportunity to attend the Small Business Conference in Pittsburgh through the discounted rate supplied by SAME for volunteering.  During my SAME volunteering experience, my name badge sporting the “KOMAN Family of Companies” allowed me to meet individuals who were connected to my coworkers.  This permitted me to put a face to a few of our teaming partners and let me introduce myself as the newest addition to the KOMAN team. The group of individuals volunteering with me had similar company experience to KOMAN, and my interactions with them allowed me to expand my knowledge of the environmental remediation realm, which is a component of my own company’s capabilities.

What I enjoyed most about the conference was the exhibit hall atmosphere. I didn’t realize just how much overlap exists within the industry, and I enjoyed meeting individuals that helped shape my coworkers’ careers in similar ways that they are shaping my career. The exhibit hall was where I was introduced to individuals that I will run into again and put faces to my email lists.  My last take away was from the innovation theater. These presentations allowed me to expand my knowledge on the industry. I had the opportunity to listen to TRS Group, Inc. where I learned about their in situ thermal remediation techniques.

The young member council provided plenty of events for young members to meet up and socialize.  I interacted with people new to the industry, such as myself, where we shared strategies on our challenges. For example, how does everyone handle the number of acronyms being thrown around in conversation? I look forward to attending the next SAME event now that I have started to build my own network. I look forward to connecting and reconnecting with participants, partners, and friends.  

Written by Jaimie Wright 

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