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Philly Post Congratulates Mount Aviat Academy’s Future City Team
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Philly Post Congratulates Mount Aviat Academy’s Future City Team!

Once again, the Philadelphia Post of SAME participated in the Philadelphia Future City (FC) Competition by sponsoring the Creative Application of Civil Works award. This year the Mount Aviat Academy Future City Team was selected for this award.Their team was 41 students strong, which is almost half of the 6-8 graders at the Mount Aviat Academy!It’s clear that the support of SAME (and many others) has great impact on these students. For example, Mount Aviat Academy reports that four members of their 2014 FC team are pursuing Engineering Degrees at the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland and the Naval Academy and two are pursuing science degrees with an eye toward medicine. 

The SAME Philadelphia Post congratulates the Mount Aviat Academy FC Team on this accomplishment, and we hope to see them again at the 2021 competition!


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