2019 Post Officers

Position Name Company Numbern
President Terry Hosaka AKANA 360-609-3504
1st Vice President Heidi Nelson PE DEQ 503-481-6822
2nd Vice President Lynne Robert "ROB" Moriarty, PE DFW
Vice President for Education Robert Todd Martinez, PE Brown Caldwell
OSU Student Post Mentors Steve Miles, PE, FSAME, and Glen DeWillie , PE USACE and Kleinschmidt Associates
Secretary Gene Tupper GRI 503-641-3478
Treasurer Toni Leon 503 643-8710
Immediate Past President Tony Roos, PE Kittelson
Young Member Benjamin Stolt, SE USACE


2018 - 2020 Board of Direction
Rick Goodell, PE, FSAME
Steve Miles, PE, FSAME, USACE
Dan Lautzenheiser, PE, DJ & A
Benjamin Stolt, SE, USACE


Young Member
Benjamin Stolt, SE, USACE


2019 - 2020 Board of Direction
Andrew Young, PE, FSAME, USACE
Glen DeWillie,PE, Kleinschmidt Associ
Tom Nichols, PE, FSAME, TN Federal Consulting
Karl Sonnenberg, AIA, ZGF Architects


Pat Keough, PE, FSAME, Walter O Bachus Recipient
Bud Ossey, PE, FSAME