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Post Web Manager Webinar

Basic instructions on how to update your new post website

*Keep in mind some of the features you see on this webinar are not available on a Post level.

How to upload documents and images to your website

After several requests, I created this basic tutorial on how to add images and documents to your website. Fort Bragg Post website was used as an example.


This page is accessible only by Post Web managers and here you will find a brief webinar on how to update basic features of your new website. 
You can also post any questions, comments or start a discussion on our Forum at the bottom of this page. 

For each advanced module of the website, you will find a quick guide with steps on how to update that module on your website.

For specific module requests please, contact SAME Web Manager.

Thanks for stopping by.


Additional Modules

Module    Functions Pages Using Module
(live demo) 
COOLDNN-Responsive logo Carousel  Image or logo carousel/slider Image Slider
Logo Carousel 

Module    Functions Pages Using
(live demo) 
DNN Smart Super Form  Any type of form that collects information from the user: Event registration, Award submission and Newsletter sign up.
This module allows you to create forms to collect money from registration (When using Paypal)

Simple form
Payment form

*If you are using any type of form on your website, make sure to go to Form Management  > Module Settings > Normal Options  and change the email receiver and email sender to the email address you would like to receive your forms. 

Module    Functions Pages Using Module
(live demo) 
Documents  Organize several documents on a page using a responsive module


Module    Functions Pages Using Module
(live demo) 
TAnLD Responsive HTML Tabs Allows you to fit large amounts of content in one page using a more organized structure

The current page uses this module

Module    Functions Pages Using Module
(live demo) 
Hello DNN Portfolio (Image gallery) Creates reponsive (mobile friendly) image galleries, indicated for when adding more than 3 images on a page.  Photo Album
Post Leadership Photos

 Functions Pages Using this feature
(live demo) 
Google Social Groups  - is not a module. It's a service that can be embedded on an HTML module.  Works as a forum that can be installed on any page. Allows users to start discussion groups and post questions.

The current page uses this feature

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