Dear Post Web Manager,

We have provided you with basic instructions and tutorials on how to update and maintain your post website. The resources on this page are divided into four sections:

Quick Links | Additional Modules | Learn HTML and CSS

Quick Links

There are three PDF files tutorial in this section:
How to add events to your website | How to upload files to your website | How to upload images to your website

Additional Modules

There are two main modules in every post website: HTML and Events modules. In addition to these modules, we have listed three other modules, which you can use on your website, in this section with information about how they function and examples of them on post websites.

Learn HTML and CSS

In this section, we have tutorials on how you can learn basic HTML and CSS. These tutorials will you help on how to better manage your website updates.

If you have questions or issues with any of the tutorials on this page, please send me an email. I will be happy to help.

Justin Collins

Additional Modules

Module Functions Live Preview
Live Forms Use to collect information from user: Contact Form, Event registration with the ability collect fee via PayPal integration, Award submission and Newsletter sign up Orange County
DNNGo DNNGalleryPro Creates responsive (mobile friendly) image galleries, indicated for when adding more than 3 images on a page MID Maryland
Documents Organize several documents on a page using a responsive module Capital District

Learn HTML and CSS Online for Free

W3 Schools CSS Tutorial
HTML basics CSS basics
Learn HTML in 12 Minutes [Video]