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2018 Post Executive Board

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
President Mike Helms 563.264.6531 HelmsMichael@stanleygroup.com
Vice-President Roger Perk 309.794.5227 Roger.A.Perk@usace.army.mil
Jr. Vice-President Morgan Mays 309.794.5790 morganm@missman.com
Executive Secretary Michael Tarpey 309.794.5593 Michael.J.Tarpey@usace.army.mil
Treasurer Brad Palmer 309.794.5580 Bradley.D.Palmer@usace.army.mil
Assistant Treasurer Bryan Snook 309.794.5578 Bryan.M.Snook@usace.army.mil

2018 Post Board of Directors

Position Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Past President Pat Eikenberry 309.788.7644 pate@missman.com
Emeritus S.K. Nanda    
Emeritus Dudley Hanson 563.445.1888  
Emeritus Dean Cerny 563.386.0572 x6707 Dean.R.Cerny@usace.army.mil
2nd Year Bryan Snook 309.794.5578 Bryan.M.Snook@usace.army.mil
2nd Year Roger Less    
1st Year Laura Rozumalski    
Young Member Riley Post    
NCO Dominic Kempson    

2018 Post Committee Members

Committees/Events Chair  
Education and Training - Programs Gary Loss  
Commander Briefings Bryan Snook  
Training Conference Mike Ryan  
Membership Kirk Sunderman  
Fellows Coordination S.K. Nanda  
Sustaining Members Coordination Lynn Pruitt  
Relationships and Recognition - Awards S.K. Nanda  
Nomination Committee S.K. Nanda Dudley Hanson
Nomination Committee Lynn Pruitt  
Mentoring Denny Lundberg Heather Day
Golf Outing Heather Day  
Outreach and Communications Matt Clark  
Scholarships Kevin Landwehr  
Construction Camps Lucie Sawyer  
Student Chapter & College Outreach Heather Day  
Young Member POC Heather Day  
Articles Dudley Hanson  
Photographer Dudley Hanson  
K-12 Outreach Matt Clark  
Small Business Coordinator Doug Davis  
River Clean-up    
Past Presidents & Fellows Jerry Goff  
National Security Programs - Readiness Cory Haberman  
Finance Gary Loss  
Troop Support Dominic Kempson  
Website Sarah Wenzel  
Name Tags Scott Bullock  
Project Lead the Way Denny Lundberg  
Boy Scout Coordination Roger Perk  


Rock Island Post SAME Fellows

 Year Inducted  Name
1996 S.K. Nanda
1998 Dudley Hanson
1998 Lynn Pruitt
1999 Jim Blanchar
1999 Sam Doak
1999 Thomas Hodgini
2000 John Copeland
2000 Jerry Goff
2001 Peter Green
2001 William Dunlop
2001 Gary Loss
2002 Joan Freitag
2002 William Pearson
2003 Jim Hagan
2005 Dan Miller
2005 Frank Monfeli
2010 Dean Cerny
2012 Bob Ivarson
2013 Dominic Kempson