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SAME has been supporting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) events for over 30 years and conducting camps for almost 20 years. Our camps are world-class and feature a very impressive record of producing thousands of engineers and STEM leaders. This year, SAME is accepting nominations for 40 qualified high school students interested in attending the US Navy STEM Engineering and Construction Camp at Naval Base Ventura County. Students will engage in hands-on engineering and construction activities under the mentorship and supervision of SAME professionals, base commands and other volunteers from the local engineering community. Campers live, eat and complete activities as squads with uniformed service members and STEM-related working professionals.


Where: Naval Base Ventura County, Port Hueneme, CA 

When: June 21 – June 27, 2020 

Basic Application Criteria: 

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Able to provide proof of medical insurance
  • Starting Sophomore, Junior or Senior Year in the Fall of 2020
  • At least 15 years of age at time of Camp • 
  • On a high school STEM track that will provide a basis for attending an accredited engineering college or university (i.e., taking appropriate STEM courses) • 
  • Demonstrated leadership characteristics through participation in extra-curricular activities, sports, and/or community activities
  • Physically fit
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2 (not required but highly recommended)
  • Not previously attended a SAME week-long summer 


Cost: Registration fee for the camp is $600. This includes lodging, meals, materials, instruction, and mentoring. Once selected, campers must submit half the registration fee to hold their spot. Campers generally pay half the registration fee, $300. The sponsoring SAME Post may pay the remainder of the fee and work with the camper on the transportation costs. If not sponsored by a Post, the camper could be responsible for all camp fees and transportation. 

To Apply: visit www.same.org/STEMCAMPS, then follow the instructions in the camp application tab. This is a competitive process. 

For more camp information, contact: Erin Ingersoll, Camp Registrar, at erini@meetingvisions.net.



Once again, the San Diego Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) will grant scholarships totaling $45,000 to local college and university engineering and architectural students in 2020.  The scholarships will range in value from $4,000 to $8,000 each and are awarded exclusively to individuals pursuing a degree in Engineering or Architecture.  

In addition, we have a specific scholarship to honor our former SAME Board of Directors member, Jackie Dunn, who died from fatal injuries sustained in a cycling accident in 2014. This scholarship will be awarded to a female engineer who, in addition to meeting all other requirements, best represents the ideals that Jackie demonstrated: a dedication to professional excellence, proactive involvement in the local community, and a passion for helping others to reach their personal goals.

Applications will be accepted directly from students. The candidates must be undergraduates and display enthusiastic promise in their studies. Grade point average will not be the only consideration. Involvement in other professional activities and organizations, employment and internship history, future plans, and financial need are among other key considerations. 

The application window will open in late-January so check back soon for the link to submit your online application!



Rachel Astete-Vasquez - San Diego State University - $8,000 (Jackie Price‐Dunn Award)
Kenny Huynh - San Diego State University - $8,000 (Ben Montoya Award)
Jacob Martinez - San Diego State University - $7,000 (Tom Crane Award)
Daniel Riedel - San Diego State University - $7,000
Arlene Gee - San Diego Community College - $5,000
Donovan Stacy - San Diego State University - $5,000

Daniel Schneider - San Diego State University - $5,000


Allison Furmidge - University of California, San Diego, Bioengineering - $2,000

Daniela Holguin - Woodbury University, Architecture - $2,000

Daniel Schneider - San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering – $2,000

Devon Woodfine - California State Polytechnic University, Pamona - $2,000

Kokila Perera - University of California, San Diego, Bioengineering - $2,000

Marcelle Rico - Woodbury University, Architecture - $2,000

Nayeli Millet - Woodbury University, Architecture - $2,000

Neve Foresti - University of California, San Diego, Bioengineering - $2,000

Regina Amirova - Woodbury University, Architecture - $2,000

Connor Fenwick - San Diego State University, Civil Engineering - $3,250

Jennifer Seibel - University of California, San Diego, Environmental Engineering - $3,250

Minghua Ong - University of California, San Diego, Bioengineering - $3,250

Nikolette Mazzoula - San Diego State University, Civil Engineering - $3,250

Daniel Riedel - San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering - $4,500

Jacob Martinez - San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering - $4,500

Ciwar El-Tayeh - University of San Diego, Industrial & Systems Engineering - $5,000 (Jackie Price Dunn Award winner)



The San Diego State University (SDSU) Student Chapter of the SAME San Diego Post was established in October 2011. The accomplished professionals who are affiliated with the Post are an excellent mentorship resource for engineering students at SDSU. 

The Chapter has a membership goal of approximately 20 members, most of whom are student- veterans, who genuinely support the mission of SAME. Many student members are veterans with a Veterans Administration disability classification of 30% or greater and who are in school under the Wounded Warriors Act. There are approximately 1,000 veterans on campus with 140 active duty and veterans in the engineering program. 

The Chapter has a Constitution and Bylaws approved by the Post and SAME National Headquarters and associated Students (AS). Members must be currently enrolled students of SDSU. 

Mission Statement The SAME SDSU Student Chapter mission is to connect, integrate, promote, and support SDSU Undergrads to, and with, Military Engineering Industry by providing industry mentoring, internships, scholarships, and building relationships to enhance future career opportunities. 


  • Access to high quality, professionally oriented programs and activities that engender camaraderie and facilitate and improve communication among students, the military services and private sector firms 
  • Excellent networking and mentoring opportunities with engineering/construction professionals and military engineers 
  • Advancement of scientific and engineering education through professional development 
  • Mentorship opportunities with Post members 
  • Recognition of student members by the Post Opportunities to give back through veteran and community outreach 
  • Participation in Post-sponsored workshops, lunches, annual golf tournament and other Post activities 
  • Access to shared events between SAME and SDSU and Troops to Engineers (T2E) (insert web link) Activities and Outreach
  • Involvement in Post activities through volunteering and becoming SAME Young Members
  • Outreach to active duty military personnel (especially wounded warriors) to encourage their pursuit of higher education endeavors
  • Promote senior projects that benefit wounded warriors Chapter Meetings The Chapter typically holds monthly leadership board meetings and general body meeting in the Dean’s Conference Room at SDSU. A pizza lunch is funded by the Post at the monthly general body meetings. Topics of the meetings include planning for future activities and events, and guest speakers on a variety of professional topics.