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One of our primary objectives is to encourage young people to pursue degrees in technical disciplines.  With this objective in mind, the Scott Field Post will sponsor multiple one-time $1000 to $2000 scholarships this academic year. These scholarships are awarded to highly qualified high school seniors who plan to pursue degrees in engineering, architecture, or other engineering related studies.

In addition to the single year scholarships, the most qualified student will be considered for a multi-year scholarship for each year in college. Receipt of the scholarship in Years 2 through 4 is contingent on the following criteria:

  • The student attends college full-time
  • The student remains in the engineering program
  • The student maintains a C+ average

We ask that the student who receives the 4-year scholarship participate in a meeting of the Society of American Military Engineers after their first year in college to speak for a few minutes about their college experience.

This and additional information is available in THIS document.

We solicit your support to publicize these opportunities and to encourage qualified students to participate. Please have interested students fill out the application and return to the following address:

SCI Engineering
650 Pierce Boulevard
O'Fallon, IL 62269
Attn: Scott Harding