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2019 Presentations

Meet the Chiefs Program Briefings


Small Business Symposium

    Sustainability Forum Presentations:

    Watershed management planning & approach

    Sea level rise & climate change impacts on coastal habitats

    Blue carbon & aquatic carbon sequestration impacts

    Engineering With Nature (EWN)


    Watershed management & water resources management implementation

    • Bennett Weinstein 

    Fish passage & barriers, local & government highway systems

    Combined sewer overflow (CSO) reduction & green infrastructure impact on Puget Sound recovery

    Climate resilient approaches for infrastructure related to vertical structure growth

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:


    2018 Presentations
    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    SAME Meet the Chiefs

    SAME Small Business Symposium

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    2017 Presentations

    2017 Seattle Post Board Meeting Minutes

    2017 Meet the Chiefs Presentations


    SAME Seattle May Luncheon Presentations


    SAME Small Business Symposium

    Meet the Agencies Presentations: