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Presentations from Past Events

2021 Board Meeting Minutes

2020 Board Meeting Minutes

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

2018 Board Meeting Minutes

2017 Board Meeting Minutes

2016 Board Meeting Minutes

2016 Meet the Chiefs



2016 Meet the Agencies

2015 Meet the Chiefs Briefs

2015 Board Meeting Minutes

2021 Presentations

November Program

2021 Regional Meet the Chiefs Program Briefings

April Luncheon Program

Meet the Agencies

2020 Presentations

Meet the Agencies

2019 Presentations

September Luncheon Series

JBLM Construction & Sustainment Program Overview - Mr. Chuck Markham

Meet the Chiefs Program Briefings

Small Business Symposium

    Sustainability Forum Presentations:

    Watershed management planning & approach

    Sea level rise & climate change impacts on coastal habitats

    Blue carbon & aquatic carbon sequestration impacts

    Engineering With Nature (EWN)


    Watershed management & water resources management implementation

    • Bennett Weinstein 

    Fish passage & barriers, local & government highway systems

    Combined sewer overflow (CSO) reduction & green infrastructure impact on Puget Sound recovery

    Climate resilient approaches for infrastructure related to vertical structure growth

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:


    2018 Presentations
    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    SAME Meet the Chiefs

    SAME Small Business Symposium

    Meet the Agencies Presentations:

    2017 Presentations

    2017 Seattle Post Board Meeting Minutes

    2017 Meet the Chiefs Presentations


    SAME Seattle May Luncheon Presentations


    SAME Small Business Symposium

    Meet the Agencies Presentations: