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SAME Engineering & Construction Camps Attendee TJ Ingersoll initiated in US Coast Guard Academy Introduction Mission Program
This summer, SAME’s Seattle Post sponsored three students to attend SAME Engineering & Construction Camps – one student went to the Air Force Camp at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, one to the Marine Corps Camp at Camp Lejeune, NC and the third attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s AIM program in New London, CT.  

Here is a thank you note provided by TJ Ingersoll, the USCG attendee.  

"In July 2018, I attended the United States Coast Guard's Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) Program. This program was extremely eye opening to academy life, and military lifestyle. Day one was kicked off with some yelling, running, and "yes, sir" 's, mixed in with confusion and a little panic brought on by the stress. Everyone messed up at least once on the first day, and was consequently yelled at a little more. However by Day 2, most of us were experts and knew exactly how to respond when asked a question.

 When I was attending AIM, I questioned how I would be able to stand 7 weeks of being yelled at, but by the end, I saw that the rewards for completing such an extensive program were well worth it. As said by a former cadet I spoke with, "there is no other place in the world where a 22 year old would be in charge of a $17 million government helicopter, or ship. I can't wait to apply to such an amazing school, and hopefully be a part of the Class of 2023. Huge thanks to SAME Seattle Post for providing me with such an amazing experience!"

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