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SAME Engineering & Construction Camps Attendee Bella Capuano initiated in US Air Force Academy Camp

SAME Seattle Post sponsored Bella Capuano to attend the SAME Engineering & Construction Camp at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her thank you note to the post is below.

I am so grateful the Seattle SAME post chose me to attend camp at USAFA this year!

It was a week of making new friends and having fun, and I learned a lot! The activities were centered around problem solving using hands-on methods which was my favorite part of the camp. One of my favorite projects was building a boat out of cardboard and then racing it in the pool. With limited materials and time, my group created and executed our design well. In the competition we got first in the sprint portion.

The excursions to the engineering firm, Garden of the Gods, and the USAFA campus provided me an opportunity to see engineering in action while also having fun. My team and I enjoyed the bus ride to all these places which included singing but also asking our engineering mentors questions about how they got where they are and what their job includes.

I really appreciated the structure and leadership of the camp. The purpose of each activity was explained well, and my team excelled in our execution. My team had a weak start on the first day, but we ended up really bonding and working well together which led my flight (Golf) to win first place! I definitely learned the value of good teamwork!

Again I would like to express my thanks for your decision to send me to this camp, I will certainly be perusing a STEM career!

Bella Capuano

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