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Veteran's Celebration

On Thursday, October 26th, 2017, The Seattle SAME Post hosted a luncheon to “Celebrate, Honor, and Recognize" Veterans from all services. The event was conceived and lead by L. David Tyner, III, Chair, Seattle SAME Post Veteran’s Committee and approved by the Post’s then President, Colonel, US Army, John Buck and the Seattle SAME Post Board.

 Tyner received very strong support from TEAM Member, Monica Manthey, whose husband is a decorated combat Veteran, Vietnam. Further support received from Board members, Kevin Fagot, Ralph Fields, and Melissa Grasso.

The event allowed for 50 attendees and was  completely filled within four days of announcement.  The two hour luncheon  began with the Pledge of Allegiance, singing of the national Anthem as well as “ TAPS “ played by a Marine Corp. Gunnery Sargent remembering all veterans who have passed.

Public officials supporting and attending included representation form Senators,  Murray and Cantwell’s Office, the Mayor of Tukwilla, King County Veteran’s Assistance. The President of the Tacoma Post along with several members

Attended and spoke in support of the event. The Executive Director of CAMPS, Tom McLaughlin spoke on how his non Profit has placed 400 plus veterans in manufacturing positions with a strong training program and referrals to the private sector.

All Veterans wishing to speak were given the opportunity and there was great solidarity and emotion among all veterans and non-veterans in attendance. We concluded with the singing of “ God Bless America “ and a wonderful sense of duty, Patriotism and celebration of Veterans sacrifice and service to our great country.

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