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Post Leadership

Name Position Employer Email Address Contact Phone
Barry Totten President CNS Barry.Totten@cns.doe.gov
865-621-9647 cell
Bill Sawrey Treasurer Jacobs Bill.Sawrey@jacobs.com 865-220-6057
Diane Moore Secretary Jacobs Diane.Moore@jacobs.com 865-220-4869
Susan Walter Director of Membership Abel Key abelkey@comcast.net 865-208-9714 
Mike Lee Director of Education and Training/STEM USACE Mike.K.Lee@usace.army.mil 865-574-7611
615-489-9219 cell
Lorie Baker-Wallace Director of Relationships and Recognition Navarro dwallace0408@comcast.net 865-220-9650
505-507-6293 cell
Joe Aylor Director of Outreach and Communications AECOM joseph.aylor@aecom.com 865-425-7119
865-399-9140 cell
Sam Mayes  Director of Programs Management Solutions LLC  smayes@managementsolutions.com 865-963-0400
865-388-7211 cell
Joe Schroedel Executive Director SAME, National
Jill Murphy Manager, Membership & Post Operations SAME, National 
Robert Keyser SAME, Regional VP AH Environmental Consultants
Ray Alexander Founding member Jacobs
Perry Barker Founding member US Navy
Sheldon Johnson Founding member Retired

Mary McDermott Former Chapter Secretary Jacobs