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Volunteer Opportunities 

Fisher House Logo.

We need volunteers to prepare and serve breakfast at the Fisher House on Saturday, 23 September from 8 am to 11 am. It is a very small but very rewarding way to honor those families that are caring for their loved ones at McGuire VA Hospital. We need 8 to 10 people for each event. The Fisher House is a national foundation with "comfort homes" on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. We are proud to serve the Richmond Fisher House, where families of wounded warriors and veterans can be close to love ones while they receive medical care at the Hunter McGuire VA Medical Center.

We have always been truly amazed at the bond between the members of the military and their families. This is just a tidbit from a woman at the Fisher House breakfast in December 2011. "I knew right away that she had children in the military. We sat and talked about how she was doing, how her children were doing and how much she enjoyed having the post serve breakfast. She is the mother of three sons, two are in the military, one is a soldier and one is a Marine, but none of her children were at the VA Medical Center. She was there comforting a seriously wounded Marine from her sons unit. His mother had been with him and needed to rest, so other mothers from his unit stepped in to help comfort him and his family in their time of need. They have put their lives on hold to travel from all over to be with other mothers and wounded members of this unit." What dedication!

Contact: Ms. Merle Keener, 757.220.0220 for more information. 

 We are also seeking sponsors to enable monthly coffee service and quarterly breakfast at Fisher House. A very affordable sponsorship of $100 will allow the Post  to continue this much appreciated service to the families of our wounded military and veterans. 

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