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President’s Inaugural 2017 Message

First, let me say, thank you to Mike Howe for doing such a great job as President this last term. What a tough act to follow. As nervous as I get speaking in public, I am proud to be the President of this great Post. What a fine group of people with which to work and play.

Over the years, I have been a member of many professional organizations, IEEE, PES, and OSPE. I have been an officer and on the board of IESNA, as well as a member and past president of several kennel clubs (more than I care to admit). OK more than six. The point is, that of all of my volunteer efforts, I am most happy and most proud to be part of SAME and now the President of the Kittyhawk Post. What a phenomenal organization! A key example in my memory of the value our Post brings was our first Industry Day, put on by John Koerner and others regarding Design-Build.

Our program sought to address why the government and the USACE were going to it, and why were they making it the preferred method of design and construction. It ended with a panel discussion at which the USACE attendees discovered that General Contractors did not pay Architectural/Engineering firms for design work produced in preparation for Design-Build Proposals. A/Es were financially at risk in partner with the GCs.

Based upon that discussion at our Industry Day, USACE changed to a two part submission process, shifting the design effort to the second part of the submission so that only a limited number of firms which made the short list needed to expend resources on the design submission.

It stands out in my mind as an example of how SAME, and specifically the Kittyhawk Post, continually makes an huge impact bringing military, civilian and private sector folks together to facilitate doing business. The better we do business together, the better quality product we get. This is not good just for the economy and our members, but it is important for national defense. We are all working to together to design, build, maintain, and supply facilities for our airmen, soldiers, sailors and marines. SAME makes this better. I am proud to be a part of that.

– Jeff Leonard

Looking forward to another great year!
Jeff Leonard (Jeffrey.leonard@us.af.mil)
Kittyhawk Post President