Welcome to SAME OKC

“We are establishing at this time a Society of American Military Engineers. This society will serve no selfish purpose. It is dedicated to patriotism and national security. Its objects are, in brief, to promote solidarity and co-operation between engineers in civil and military life, to disseminate technical knowledge bearing upon progress in the art of war and the application of engineering science thereto, and to preserve and maintain the best standards and traditions of the profession, all in the interests of patriotism and national security.”

–The Military Engineer magazine, January 1920

POST Officers

Position Name Cell Email
President Kirk Whitehead 4058120937 kwhitehead@officeinteriorsok.com
Vice President Daniel de Robles 4056984568 daniel.j.deRobles@usace.army.mil
Secretary Trudi Logan   trudi.logan@us.af.mil
Treasurer Renada Anderson 4059909521 renada@swconstruct.com
Small Business Chair James Mitchell 4055085835 jmitchell@hglconstruction.com
Programs Chair Paul Ryckbost, Jason Cobb, Kirk Whitehead   paul.ryckbost@guernsey.us
Streamer/Award Chair Russell Kent 4058021670 RKent@macokc.com
Education/Scholarship Chair Cathy Scheirman   cathy.scheirman@us.af.mil
Outreach/Communications/Web Chair John Truong 4056503210 john.truong@us.af.mil
Readiness Chair Paul Ryckbost 4055359393 paul.ryckbost@guernsey.us
Membership Chair Bob McCombs 4056509196 bob.mccombs@guernsey.us
Young Member Chair Zack Bright 4056203254 zachary.bright.1@us.af.mil
Fellows Chair Jeff Kindschuh 4053707638 Jeffery.Kindschuh@tinker.af.mil
Special Event Chair Shelleye Miller 4052034962 shelleye.miller@benham.com
Past President/Advisor Jason Cobb 4052068122 jason.cobb@guernsey.us