Welcome to SAME OKC

“We are establishing at this time a Society of American Military Engineers. This society will serve no selfish purpose. It is dedicated to patriotism and national security. Its objects are, in brief, to promote solidarity and co-operation between engineers in civil and military life, to disseminate technical knowledge bearing upon progress in the art of war and the application of engineering science thereto, and to preserve and maintain the best standards and traditions of the profession, all in the interests of patriotism and national security.”

–The Military Engineer magazine, January 1920

POST Officers

Position Name Company
President Daniel de Robles COE
Vice President Russell Kent MacArthur & Associates
Secretary Trudi Logan Tinker CE
Assistant Secretary Audrey Scheirmann COE
Treasurer Renada Anderson Southwind
Small Business Chair Judy Warren OBAN/Francis Tuttle
Programs Chair Board Effort 2019
Streamer/Award Chair Thomas Vennochi COE
Education/Scholarship Chair Izabell Rico COE
Education/Scholarship Chair Stephen Sewell COE
Outreach/Communications/Web Chair Kristi Pempkin Redbud Marketing
Readiness Chair Paul Ryckbost Guernsey
Membership Chair Bob McCombs Guernsey
Young Member Chair Stephanie Hillman Aerotek
Fellows Chair Jeff Kindschuh Tinker
Special Event Chair Shelleye Miller Benham
Assistant Special Event Chair Colton Barnett Student
Co Past President/Advisor Kirk Whitehead Office Interiors
Centennial Planning Coordinator Winona Simmons Tinker CE