Guidelines for Post Websites

In an effort to support the “Once Society” theme across all SAME sectors, SAME national offers its Posts a web portal – including a website template, hosting and maintenance – that is integrated with the SAME National website and linked directly to the SAME member database. This website service allows for Posts to have an individualized Post website, based on a template that presents a “One Society” branded look.  Additionally, it enables SAME National to provide strong support to Posts for hosting and technical maintenance as well as Post content updates, as needed.

Post interested in having their websites hosted by SAME using the integrated Post template should contact SAME Web Manager to get started.

If your website is already hosted by SAME, visit our Post Website Management page for resources and system updates. 

  • Please Note:SAME's Web host provider cannot accommodate Microsoft Frontpage extensions. You can develop pages with Frontpage but you must use an FTP program to upload files to your Post Web directory. You cannot use any features that require extensions such as webbots.
  • Posts may NOT publish advertising on their site, paid or not. Post or Society activities are excluded from this provision.
  • Posts may provide a listing of their Corporate Sustaining Member firms on their site and MAY provide a hyperlink to the Corporate Sustaining Members' Web site, at no cost.
  • Posts also may provide hyperlinks to Public Agency Sustaining Members' Web sites or other public agencies or activities deemed appropriate, at no cost.
  •  In order to promote consistency, SAME HQ's Web Manager may make suggestions with regard to style and content.
  •  Posts are encouraged to link to information that is provided on the National site rather than duplicate the information on the Post Web site or pages. This will reduce the need for updating information at multiple locations and avoid duplication on the SAME Web server in cases where Post pages are being hosted there.
  •  For security reasons, Posts will limit access to their site for the purposes of editing or updating to as few people as possible.