Research & Presentations

Growing your business and positioning yourself for success in the A/E/C industry demands you to be up on the latest trends, best practices and lessons learned. 

Here you can can follow trends through SAME's market research reports and check out what public and private sector experts are working on in their projects and programs by downloading presentations from past SAME events and perusing the archives of The Military Engineer, SAME's professional journal.

Quarterly Economic Snapshot

The Quarterly Economic Snapshot is a survey report that explores a variety of economic-based factors, such as overall industry performance and the level of confidence in the economy. Results are broken down by sector and by market to give a thorough assessment of the business environment. In addition, the report explores reactions to emerging issues that may be impacting company operations. The survey also collects a basic demographic profile. 

Inside the Surveys:
• Business trends for the last six months
• Business trends looking ahead
• Hiring and staffing trends in the marketplace

View the Reports:

Quarterly Economic Snapshot Report – Q2 2016
Quarterly Economic Snapshot Report – Q1 2015
Quarterly Economic Snapshot Report – Q2 2015

• Quarterly Economic Snapshot Report – Q3 2015
• Quarterly Economic Snapshot Report – Q4 2015

Documents & Reports

TME Magazine Archives

The Military Engineer magazine is the professional technical journal of SAME, dedicated to promoting and advancing engineering for national security. TME was launched under its current masthead in 1920 (after previously being published as Professional Memoirs, a Corps of Engineers publication) and immediately carried the message of the new “association of engineers.” The magazine served as a vital tool in communicating with engineers across the country and helping establish the Post network, which became the bedrock of SAME. More than 700 issues of TME have been published.

Issues of TME dating to 2012 are available in digital format on the TME Online website. For articles/issues before 2012, please contact the TME Editor at

Presentations from Past Events

SAME offers a diverse program of annual events offering members and industry partners a multitude of opportunities for training, professional development and building connections. Presentations from past conferences and workshops such as Joint Engineer Training Conference, the Small Business Conference for the Federal A/E/C Industry, and the DOD & Federal Agency Program Briefings are available for viewing.

Presentations from Past Events

Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC):


  • 2018 JETC Presentations - Kansas City, Mo. May 23 -25
  • 2017 JETC Presentations - Columbus, Ohio May 23 -25
  • 2016 JETC Presentations Phoenix, Arizona May 24-26
  • 2015 JETC Presentations Houston, Texas May 19-21
  • 2014 JETC Presentations Orlando, Florida May 20-23
  • 2013 JETC Presentations San Diego, Calif.,

    Small Business Conference (SBC)


  • 2017 SBC
  • 2016 SBC
  • 2015 SBC
  • 2014 SBC
  • 2013 SBC

    DOD and Federal Agency Briefings


  • FY19 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings
  • FY18 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings
  • FY17 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings
  • FY16 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings
  • FY15 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings
  • FY14 DOD and Federal Agency Program Briefings



  • NEW! 2018 Post Leaders Workshop 
  • 2017 Post Leaders Workshop
  • 2016 Post Leaders Workshop (National Council and Mission Committee Overviews)
  • Hawaii Engineering Training Workshop
  • Sustainability Assessment Tools and Asset Management: How DoD Will Use Them
  • 2014 Post Leaders Workshop
  • Student Leadership Workshop
  • Student Chapter Workshop

  • Post Programs


    STEM Post Programs that Support STEM-11/18/2014


    2014 IBOW Series

    2016 IBOW Series

  • 2016 SAME/TISP Resilience Roundtable Presentations
  • 2016 Critical Infrastructure Symposium