FY2017 DOD & Federal
Agency Program Briefings

Tuesday, March 8

DOD Executive Panel
Moderator: Jane Penny, P.E., F.SAME, SAME President
  • Lt. Gen. David Halverson, USA, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
  • Maj. Gen. Timothy Green, P.E., USAF, Director of Civil Engineers,
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Engineering & Force Protection, HQ U.S. Air Force
  • Rear Adm. Bret Muilenburg, P.E., CEC, USN, Commander, Naval Facilities Engineering Command and Chief of Civil Engineers
  • Maj. Gen. Mark Yenter, P.E., USA, Deputy Commanding General for Military & International Operations, HQ USACE
Army & Air Force Exchange Service and Army
Installation Management Command Programs 
Moderator: Joe Tyler, P.E., Versar Inc.
  • Col. Juan Saldivar, USA, Command Engineer, Army & Air Force Exchange Service
  • Scott Dias, Deputy Chief, Construction Division, Operations Directorate, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management, HQ Department of the Army

USACE Civil Works Program 
Moderator: Maj. Gen. Don Riley, P.E., USA (Ret.), Dawson & Associates Inc.
Speaker: Maj. Gen. Ed Jackson, P.E., USA, Deputy Commanding General for Civil & Emergency Operations, HQ USACE

Wednesday, March 9

Army Design & Construction Programs
Moderator: Col. Pete Mueller, P.E., PMP, F.SAME, USA (Ret.), Architect of the Capitol


  • Lloyd Caldwell, P.E., SES, Director of Military Programs, HQ USACE
  • Ray Alexander Jr., SES, Chief, Interagency & International Services, HQ USACE
  • Stacey Hirata, P.E., SES, Chief, Installation Support Division, HQ USACE
  • James Dalton, P.E., SES, Chief, Engineering and Construction, HQ USACE
Army, Navy and Air Force Environmental Programs
Moderator: Col. David Anderson, P.E., F.SAME, USA (Ret.), Bay West LLC


  • Col. Mary Williams-Lynch, USA, Chief, Army Environmental Programs Division, Office of the Assistance Chief of Staff for Installation Management, HQ Department of the Army
  • Robert Sadorra, P.E., Director, Environmental Restoration Division, HQ NAVFAC
  • Col. Susan Riordan-Smith, USAF, Deputy Director, Environmental Management Directorate, AFCEC
  • Karen Baker, SES, Chief, Environmental Division, HQ USACE
Navy Design & Construction Programs
Moderator: Rear Adm. Mark Handley, P.E., USN (Ret.), AECOM
Speaker: Joseph Gott, P.E., SES, Chief Engineer, and Director of Capital Improvements, HQ NAVFAC

Department of Energy and Department of Veterans Affairs Programs
Moderator: The Honorable James Rispoli, P.E., BCEE, F.SAME, F.ASCE, Project Time & Cost LLC

  • Melissa Rider, CPCM, CFCM, Senior Contracting Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Project Management, Office of Environmental Management, Department of Energy
  • Cameron Manning, P.E., SES, F.SAME, Director, Office of Enterprise Project Management, National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Dennis Milsten, CCM, Associate Executive Director, Office of Construction & Facilities Management, Department of Veterans Affairs

Department of State Program
Moderator: Col. John Cawthorne, F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), Neumarket Consulting

  • Jaime Salcedo, Acting Managing Director for Program Development, Coordination and Support, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, Department of State
  • Ardeshir Kanga, Managing Director for Construction, Facility and Security Management, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations, Department of State
Air Force Design & Construction Programs

Col. Sal Nodjomian, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), Matrix Design Group

  • Col. Anthony Higdon, USAF, Deputy Director, AFCEC
  • Dennis Guadarrama, Chief, Procurement Enterprise Division, AFCEC
  • Col. Brian May, USAF, Director, Facility Engineering, AFCEC
USACE Research & Support Centers
Moderator: Michael Rogers, P.E., F.SAME, CB&I Federal Services
  • Col. Robert Ruch, F.SAME, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Engineering & Support Center, Huntsville
  • Richard Herrmann, Deputy Director, U.S. Army Geospatial Center
  • Steven Cary, P.E., SES, Deputy Director, U.S. Army Engineer  Research & Development Center

General Services Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Programs
Moderator: Col. Kurt Ubbelohde, F.SAME, USA (Ret.), Leo A Daly

  • Natalie Huber, P.E., PMP, Chief Engineer, Office of Design and Construction, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration
  • Mike Germinario, P.E., CCM, Director of Facilities Planning and Budget, U.S. Customs and Border Protection