The International Community of Interest's mission is threefold:

    • Connect:  Provide a virtual Post for Members to network and remain active in the Society while working overseas
    • Inform:  Facilitate delivery of information and interchange on A/E/C issues of concern to project professionals working at OCONUS locations
    • Collaborate:  Assist Combatant Commands and Regions with Industry-Government Engagement to solve military engineering challenges

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Community Chair

Lt Col Chris Knutson, CEng, PE, PgMP, PMP, F.SAME
USAF (Ret.)

2020-21 Goals

  • Re-tool monthly Virtual Post Meetings to support International Member continuing professional development and information needs
  • Synchronize the CoI’s activities with Europe and Pacific Region VP’s to support OCONUS Posts and Field Chapters
  • Actively develop GE plan of action in collaboration with USACE, NAVFAC, and Regional VPs

Organization Structure

ChairChris Knutson, CEng, P.E., F.SAME

Communications/Marketing: Vacant

Indo-Pacific Vice Chair: Brian Duffy
(907) 250-5068

Europe Vice Chair: Charysse Knotts  +49 (611) 94912323

Programs/Interagency NGO: Lauri Ruch
(321) 507-2219

Field Chapter Liaison: Andra Clapsaddle, PMP, F.SAME

Young Professionals Liaison: CPT Matt Scrivner, P.E.

Grants & Sustaining Member Outreach: Blair Schantz
(406) 924-1722


Stay Engaged - Next Meeting

International Community of Interest Upcoming 2021 Virtual Post Meetings (Webinar)

2021 Upcoming Programs!

May 17-21 - Virtual JETC 

    • International COI Business Meeting
    • Panel Session: State of Play in Virtual Charrettes and Design Review: Use of Technology to Reduce Boots on the Ground with No Impact to Project Quality
    • Panel Session: Political Dynamics and Mitigating the Effects on Planning, Programming and Delivering Military Infrastructure

10 June 2021 - Master Class: Planning and Performing a Best in Class Charrette for Your Clients 

08 July 2021 - US African Command Engineer Efforts in Africa

05 August 2021 - Master Class: Programming MILCONs and FSRM Projects for Success (Part II) 

02 Sept 2021 - Panel Session: Making OCONUS MILCON Net or Near Zero