The International Community of Interest's mission is threefold:

    • Connect:  Provide a virtual Post for Members to network and remain active in the Society while working overseas
    • Inform:  Facilitate delivery of information and interchange on A/E/C issues of concern to project professionals working at OCONUS locations
    • Collaborate:  Assist Combatant Commands and Regions with Industry-Government Engagement to solve military engineering challenges

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Community Chair

Lt Col Chris Knutson, CEng, PE, PgMP, PMP, F.SAME
USAF (Ret.)

2020-21 Goals

  • Re-tool monthly Virtual Post Meetings to support International Member continuing professional development and information needs
  • Synchronize the CoI’s activities with Europe and Pacific Region VP’s to support OCONUS Posts and Field Chapters
  • Actively develop GE plan of action in collaboration with USACE, NAVFAC, and Regional VPs

Organization Structure

Chair: Chris Knutson, CEng, P.E., F.SAME

Communications/Marketing: Vacant

Indo-Pacific Vice Chair: Brian Duffy
(907) 250-5068

Europe Vice Chair: Charysse Knotts  +49 (611) 94912323

Programs/Interagency NGOLauri Ruch
(321) 507-2219

Field Chapter Liaison: Andra Clapsaddle, PMP, F.SAME

Young Professionals Liaison: CPT Matt Scrivner, P.E.

Grants & Sustaining Member OutreachBlair Schantz
(406) 924-1722


Education Opportunities

US Africa Command Engineer Efforts in Africa

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 | 1500 London / 1600 Berlin / 1000 Washington, DC / 0400 Honolulu / 1800 Doha 



The briefing will summarize current USAFRICOM theater posture initiatives and provide an overview of current and planned construction and efforts in support of current operations.  USAFRICOM continues to update its plans and lines of efforts accordingly to the challenges facing the African Theater. Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there continues to be a very active tempo over the past year, as well as for future planning efforts.  All of this requires industry engineering partners supporting systems and infrastructure that enables an expeditionary force footprint in a challenging logistical environment.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the USAFRICOM posture initiatives and how it enables US National Security Strategy in the African theatre

  2. Understand the current funding sources and how they are being managed by DoD and the Services when applied towards infrastructure construction and maintenance projects in theatre

  3. Understand the ongoing challenges within the African Theater as service component engineers work to provide both infrastructure and buildings to enable the conduct the range of military operations

  4. Understand where industry can best provide support and innovation to better enable USAFRICOM achieve its lines of effort and enable theatre engineers to successfully fulfil their mission essential tasks

CAPT Matt Anderson, P.E. | J44 Logistics Support and Engineering, US Africa Command (USAFRICOM)

CAPT Anderson's Bio:
Captain Matt Anderson is a native of Boise, ID, and graduated from Duke University on a Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Captain Anderson is currently serving as the AFRICOM J44 - Logistics Support and Engineering Division Chief in Stuttgart, Germany. His presentation for the SAME International webinar includes the overall U.S. AFRICOM mission set, COCOM priorities, contributions to U.S. national security, and engineering efforts on the continent. Captain Anderson will highlight USACE and NAVFAC projects along with environmental programs. Captain Anderson's brief highlights the immense challenges of operating in Africa, and how U.S. investments on the continent are making a significant impact to U.S. interests.

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31 August 2021 - US Africa Command Engineer Efforts in Africa 

12 Oct 2021 - Dept of State Overseas Business Operations Industry Road Show

11 Nov 2021 - Veterans Day Special Lecture - American Battle Monuments Commission

17-19 Nov 2021 - Small Business Conference

9 Dec 2021 - Value Engineering and Independent Government Estimate