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SAME Nashville Post,
2020 President
Lt. Col. Sonny B. Avichal
USACE Nashville District


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The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) brings together professional engineers and those in engineering related fields.  SAME actively promotes the advancement of both individual technical knowledge and the collective engineering capabilities of governments, the uniformed services and private industry.

Our goal is to unite public and private sector entities and individuals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C)  fields so that we can prepare for and overcome natural and man-made disasters, acts of terrorism and improve security at home and abroad.

The Nashville Post accomplishes these goals locally by supporting luncheon meetings and other professional/social activities attended by members of local government, military, private industry, students and other interested parties. These meetings are announced via our e-mail distribution list and this website. We are supported by the National Society of American Military Engineers and publications such as The Military Engineer, which also promotes the interests and goals of our society and its members.

  • Goal 1: RELATIONSHIPS. Foster trust and understanding through communications and collaboration among military, public, private, academic, and professional A/E/C organizations.
  • Goal 2: LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING. Leverage SAME’s culture of service to develop sustainable growth of leaders for our profession..
  • Goal 3: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERSONAL GROWTH. Develop tailored opportunities and supporting resource plans to train, educate and promote credentialing of members in order to help them grow personally while they pay it forward through direct contributions to the development of future professionals.
  • Goal 4: RESILIENCE. Contribute to government and private sector collaboration to minimize the impacts of and enhance effective response to natural or man-made threats.


  • SAME Monthly Meeting
  • Wednesday February 19, 2019  at noon
    Adventure Science Center, Jack Wood Hall
    800 Fort Negley Blvd; Nashville, TN 37203
    RSVP to: Chris Shepard 

  • SAME Nashville Post
  • Scholarship Application
  • The Nashville Post Scholarship Application
    period is now open from Feb 15 to April 17
    Download the application by clicking here.

  • USACE 2020 Small Business Industry Day
  • Thursday, March 5, 2019:  7:30am to 3pm
    TN State University, Avon Williams Campus
    330 Tenth Ave N; Nashville, TN  37203
    Click here to register 


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    • No Meeting in NOVEMBER 2017

    • No Meeting in NOVEMBER 2017

    • No Meeting in NOVEMBER 2017