SAME CEO Roundtable Discussion

Topic: Category Management

October 31, 2018, New Orleans, LA

WHAT: As a component of SAME’s Industry – Government Engagement Plan, CEO Roundtables are high-level, collaborative discussions between CEOs of industry companies and invited government officials. The results are refined and edited into SAME Perspectives or further analyzed by an Industry-Government Work Group (IGWG) before providing a final "Perspective."  See the last SAME Perspective on the SAME website and the latest work of the Project Partnering IGWG

The topic of discussion for this year's CEO Roundtable was Category Management.  As you may know, there are many different perspectives on Category Management and how it is used.  SAME collected information from attendees on these perspectives and has posted them on this page.  If your agency or company has a perspective on the subject, please send it to Kathy Off,  

Air Force: Bullet Background Paper & Slide Presentation

CFG Overview


Joshua Frank, RSM Federal: The Future of Government Contracting podcast & article

National HubZone Council: Congressional Testimony & General Information, Update: The Category Management bill passed the House last night! As you know, under this bill, the SBA would have to report on small business participation in “best-in-class” contracts, a designation used by the Office of Management and Budget for contracts that can be used by multiple agencies. The bill was passed with a number of others under the suspension of the rules, meaning no amendments and requiring a two-thirds majority vote. The bill will now go to the Senate. 

PM360 Prezi