This nomination form is specifically for nominations for the Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal to be presented annually at the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo.

You may use this form for the Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal only. Other awards with different requirements have different forms. If you have navigated to this specific form in error, please click here to locate the proper form.

In order to be eligible for the award, the nominee must have been an SAME member for twenty (20) years or more. The medal is awarded on the basis of outstanding leadership and accomplishments in support of the SAME mission over the awardee's entire membership in SAME.


Nominations for the Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal must be made by an SAME member and endorsed by a Post President or member of the National Board of Direction, using the nomination form below. The Post President or member of the National Board of Direction endorsing the nomination will verify that the individual meets the eligibility criteria for the award, and that the nomination package provides information to support each of the nomination criteria and all required information on the nominee. The nominator is responsible for ensuring the package, with endorsement, is received by SAME HQ on or before Friday, February 16, 2017.

Please be sure review the criteria before completing this form.

Nominee Information

The nominee must be a member of SAME for at least 10 years.


Nominee Personal Information

Narrative Submission

Please upload the nomination narrative as a separate document below. Please remember that the nomination narrative for the Bachus Gold Medal is to be no longer than 2500 words. Narratives longer than 2500 words will not be accepted and the nominator will need to submit the form again with a narrative of proper length.

Click here for the Narrative Templates.



Please prepare a brief citation of 250 words or fewer, highlighting why this nominee should receive the Gold Medal. The citation will be edited by SAME HQ and will be included in the Honors Program if the nominee is selected. Compose the citation in another program and upload it below.




Nominator Information

The nominator must be a member of SAME.


Endorsement Information

Please note that the endorsement for the nomination must come from a Post President or member of the SAME Board of Direction. If the nominator is a Post President/member of the SAME BOD, then they may also endorse the nomination.

Endorsement Letter

Please use the field below to upload your endorsement letter. If you have more than one letter, please combine all into one document for upload.


No nominations will be processed without a complete nomination package. It is the nominator's responsibility to ensure that the nomination package is successfully completed.

Please include a color photograph of the nominee in .jpg or .tif, at a resolution of 300 dpi, burned to disc.