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That the Pikes Peak Post SAME memberships include individuals and organizations from over 28 military bases, posts, and other federal, state and local governmental agencies, including 50 Sustaining Member firms? We invite you and your firm to become a member through sustaining membership or as an individual member. Please contact: Sustaining and Individual Membership Director: Candis Hamilton, at Candis.Hamilton@Merrick.com.

SAME Statistics

SAME Statistics are indicative of what an active group SAME is nationally.   Enjoy these and we look forward to seeing you throughout the year!

  •  588 members spent 3,387 hours supporting Veterans and Wounded Warriors
  • 2,578 members spend 24,342 hours supporting STEM Programs
  • 977 members donate 10,128 hours to community service
  • Our 104 Posts put on 1,025 Professional development hours serving 34,991 attendees
  • Our 104 Posts gave out 521 scholarships totaling $900,259
  • Our 104 Posts gave $168,496 to STEM K-12 Programs
  • Our 104 Posts gave $72,401 to STEM TEAM events
  • Our 104 Posts gave 113 members stipends for professional development totaling $78,597
  • Our 104 Posts gave $97,976 to support Veteran and Wounded Warrior Programs
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How To Effectively Take Advantage of Your Socio-Economic Status,
It’s Not What You Think
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Tuesday March 13, 2018
1:00pm - 2:30pm
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