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Past Presentations


1. January, 2022, "CISA/PROTECTIVE SECURITY ADVISOR UPDATE PRESENTATION", Speaker: Mr. Bob Winters, Bob Winters, CPP, Protective Security Advisor, Pittsburgh DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Download DHS Presentation.


3. June 23, 2021 - Annual Sustaining Member and Small Business Opportunities Workshop

Agency Presentations

  • Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) (Download)
  • PennDOT District 11 (Download)
  • Allegheny County Department of Public Works (Download)
  • Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (Download)
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County (Download)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District  (Download)
  • Regional Industrial Development Corporation  (Download)
  • Allegheny County Airport Authority  (Download)

Small Business Presentations

  • eHoldings (Download)
  • Facility Support Services  (Download)
  • Rhea Engineers and Consultants  (Download)
  • Collective Efforts (Download)
  • Advantus Engineers  (Download)
  • Architectural Innovations   (Download)
  • Cosmos Technologies, Inc.   (Download)
  • Tusick Architects, Inc.   (Download)

2. March, 2021, "Leader Development Program (LDP)", Speaker: Mr. Vincent Plocido, RLA,  Federal Planning Manager at WSP USA. Download SAME LDP Presentation.

1. January 2021, "DOD SKILLBRIDGE PROGRAM", Speaker: Boris Kun, Director of Credentialing and SkillBridge Programs at United States Department of Defense. Download SkillBridge Flyer.


6. November 2020, "Pittsburgh District SAME Luncheon", Speaker: COL Coby short, USACE. Download USACE Pittsburgh District Presentation.

5. October 2020, "Pittsburgh Post SAME Luncheon", Speakers: COL John Lloyd USACE, Chief of Staff and Ms. Elizabeth Mudd Chief, USACE Small Business. Download USACE Presentation.

4. June 2020, "Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies - Cybersecurity Considerations", Speakers: L. Chris N. Shepherd, PMP, CVI and Natalie Bruer, PMP, AOS, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Download Cybersecurity Presentation.

3. May 2020, "A Webinar With the URA", Speaker: Diamonte Walker, URA Deputy Executive and Guests Download URA Presentation.

2. February 2020, "ALCOSAN", Speaker: Arletta Scott Williams, Executive Director. Download ALCOSAN Presentation.

1. January 2020, "Sustainability @ University of Pittsburgh", Speaker: Dr. Aurora Sharrard, Director of Sustainability, University of Pittsburgh.  Download Pitt Sustainability Presentation.


6. November 2019, "Three Rivers Hydropower", Mel Koleber, Vice President, Rye Development.Download Rye Development Presentation.

5. Tuesday, September 10 , 2019 - Annual Sustaining Member and Small Business Opportunities Workshop - Agency Presentations

  • PennDOT District 11 (Download)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District  (Download)
  • Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) (Download)
  • Regional Industrial Development Corporation  (Download)
  • Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (Download)
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh  (Download)
  • Allegheny County Airport Authority  (Download)


4. April 2019, "Protective Security Advisor Program and Services", Bob Winters - Protective Security Advisor, Pittsburgh. Download DHS Presentation.

3. March 2019, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), Alex Sciulli – Chief of Program Management. Download PWSA Presentation.

2. Feburary 2019, "SR 30 Landslide", Speakers: Cheryl Moon-Sirianni, P.E., District 11-0 Executive, PennDOT;  Brian F. Heinzl, P.E., Project Manager, Gannett Fleming, Inc.; Eric Klimas, P.E., Senior Project Manager, Golden Triangle Construction Co., Inc.  Download PENNDOT Presentation.

1. January 2019, "PFAS – A Prevalent Emerging Contaminant", Speaker: Dr. Ronald Kotun, Senior Toxicologist, Tetra Tech. Download PFAS Presentation.