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Volunteer Opportunity! National Cemetery of the Alleghenies
Volunteer Opportunity! National Cemetery of the Alleghenies

Consider volunteering with us at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies!!

- Weather Dependent, volunteers will meet at the Cemetery at 12:30 on Friday, May 24th (the Friday before Memorial Day).  Volunteer duties will consist of raising the flags, cleaning headstones, and any other miscellaneous tasks that cemetery may request our assistance with.  Volunteers may contribute as much time as they like (typically the flags are raised first, completed within an hour, followed by other activities).

-Anyone can volunteer.  However, we need to have a list of names with contact information in advance.  Sometimes (including last fall!), the Director will adjust the date/time of duty based on the weather forecast, particularly if strong winds or lightning are forecast. 

Please contact:  Robert Yauger, robert.h.yauger@usace.army.mil.

The week after Memorial Day (May 27th) additional volunteers are needed to take down and stow the flags.  This date is typically not determined by the Director until right up to Memorial Day based on weather as the flags need to be put away relatively dry.  However, some volunteers will be needed that week as well.

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