Mentors & Staff


SAME Engineering & Construction Camps offer SAME Young Members,  Non-commissioned Officers, individuals with a STEM background and Teachers valuable opportunities to mentor tomorrow’s engineers and STEM leaders. Mentors lead, guide, coach, supervise and support activities activities and share experiences with students about real-world  projects in the STEM field. Mentors spend the week at the camp and are assigned to groups of 10-12 campers.

MENTORS. To become a camp mentor we prefer you to be <40 yo, have a background in a STEM field, with a record of active participation at the SAME Post or other related activities ; obtain an endorsement from the SAME Post President or your organization or firm ; have experience in mentoring or coaching young people; commit to attending the entire week-long camp; and be physically fit and healthy.

STAFF. We are often looking for individuals to support the camp in a staff or leadership role. In particular, former camper. See the application for details.


2018 Mentor Application for USAFA STEM Camp

2018 Mentor Application for USAF Scott AFB Camp 

2018 Mentor Application for USMC STEM Camp 

Camp Registrar

Erin Ingersoll at
SAME Engineering & Construction Camp Registrar
c/o Erin Ingersoll
18421 38th Dr SE
Bothell, WA 98012

SAME Camp mentoring is Fun! It is rewarding! You WILL learn something, you WILL gain something and most important you WILL make an impact on the lives of more than just the ~100 campers in attendance!

MSgt Amanda Wakefield, USAF
2015 USAF Camp Mentor