The candidate call for our 2022 Post Elections is open. There are six (6) elected officer/director positions available:

  • 2023 Vice President/2024 President-elect
  • 2023 Secretary
  • 2023 Treasurer
  • 2023-24 Director Resilience
  • 2023-24 Director STEM & College Outreach
  • 2023-24 Director Service Member & Veteran Support

Click HERE to go to the election candidate page for the details and to register as a candidate. The deadline to register is Sep 30!!!


Applications are now being accepted for the new 2023 SAME Texas Region Virtual Leader Development Program (LDP). Click HERE to download the application.

The deadline to apply has been extended to Oct 30.


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Event StartEvent EndTitle
8/16/2022 7:00 AM 8/16/2022 3:30 PM 2022 SABOC Training Workshop
8/18/2022 11:30 AM 8/18/2022 1:00 PM Post Meeting - IMCOM/Army Strategies on Climate, Energy and Water
8/19/2022 8:00 AM 8/19/2022 2:00 PM CMAA SCTX Clays Shooting
8/24/2022 5:00 PM 8/24/2022 7:30 PM Austin Field Chapter Meeting
8/25/2022 11:30 AM 8/25/2022 1:00 PM Post Board Meeting
9/7/2022 8:00 AM 9/9/2022 5:00 PM USACE Recruiting TX Colleges
9/22/2022 11:30 AM 9/22/2022 1:00 PM Joint Post-CMAA SCTX Meeting on Professional Ethics
9/29/2022 11:30 AM 9/29/2022 1:00 PM Post Board Meeting
9/30/2022 5:00 PM 9/30/2022 5:00 PM High Priority Post Election Candidate Declaration
10/27/2022 11:30 AM 10/27/2022 1:00 PM Post Board Meeting