San Francisco Post Newsletter

Attached is this Quarters SF Post Newsletter. Take some time to enjoy the many accomplishments of our post over the past few months.

Here are just a few highlights for you to read about:

• Our Holiday Gala has a great success and a great time to enjoy each other’s company.
• We said farewell to LTCDR Todd Wimmer who has played an active leadership role in the SF Post wish him great success in his new assignment in Honolulu.
• The Post awarded five scholarships this year. Read about the impressive students that were selected this year and their goals for their college education.
• Our own Macdonald-Bedford LLC was selected for SAME’s Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award!

Finally, you’ll see some job descriptions in the newsletter. These are descriptions of some of our Board positions that we need to find volunteers to fill. As a volunteer organization our success if based on the help and participation of all our members and we are actively looking for folks who are excited about SAME and the SF Post to join our board. Please take some time to look and these positions and consider the opportunity to serve SAME. Among the positions we’re looking to fill or get help with are:

• Holiday Gala Coordinator
• Website Administrator
• Streamer Coordinator

If you’re interested in any of these positions please reach out to me or any of the other Board Members that you may know.

Thanks and enjoy the reading!

John F. Jones, P.E.