Council Mission

The mission of the SAME Small Business Council  is to promote the role and relevance of small business in SAME through outreach, training, opportunity and recognition.

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Importance of Small Businesses
Small business firms contribute approximately 80 percent of our nation’s job growth. Our entrepreneurial approach fosters innovation, drive and success. Often considered “renegades,” we are an invaluable asset to our nation’s economy and the military mission.

The SAME Small Business Council is committed to keeping SAME Members informed with the most up–to–date information from the world of small business. We regularly send out an electronic newsletter to help you stay ahead of the latest trends and take advantage of current developments in growth and partnerships.

If you are interested in getting more information about Small Business Council activities, or in serving on the SAME Small Business Council, please send an e-mail with your contact info to Karen Buniak.

Objectives of the Small Business Council

  • Inform SAME of technical programs of interest to small business members
  • Provide opportunities to meet with key military decision makers
  • Represent small business interests on select SAME national committees
  • Keep members informed on small business regulations and legislation
  • Provide opportunities to highlight small business success stories and lessons learned


Council Chair

Karen Buniak
TTI Environmental

Organization Structure

Chair-Elect: Mario Burgos

Secretary: John Makar

Vice Chair of Education & Training: Beau DeBoer

Vice Chair of Recognition: Catherine Niles

Vice Chair of Communication: Siokey Gastelum-Galvez

Vice Chair of Conferences: Martha Weekley

Vice Chair of Regional Programs: Melissa Tate

Vice Chair of Outreach: Shea Johnson

SBC Organization Chart

Education Opportunities


Stay Connected

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“SAME is the perfect organization for A/E/C small businesses to meet with, learn from, and network with federal agencies and government contractors. Unlike many organizations, there is a true sense of camaraderie, service, and authenticity.”

–Joseph Dominguez, Director of Government & Military Business Development, ATAS International Inc.