Event StartTitle
5/22/2018 2:30 PM Recurring Event: until 8/28/2018 (total 18 events) Post Monthly Meeting (Southern Nevada Post Events)
5/22/2018 2:30 PM High Priority SAME Kentuckiana Post 2018 Scholarship Luncheon (Kentuckiana Post Events)
5/23/2018 2018 Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (National Events)
5/23/2018 2018 Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) (Greater Kansas City Post Events)
5/23/2018 10:00 AM Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo (JETC) - National Event (Virginia Peninsula Post Events)
5/23/2018 10:00 AM JETC Small Business Council Meeting and Presentation on FPDS (Greater Kansas City Post Events)
5/23/2018 12:30 PM Design Insights for Fast Tracking Construction on a Large Water Supply Project (CHICAGO POST EVENTS)
5/23/2018 5:30 PM National JETC in Kansas City, MO (Scott Field Post Events)
5/24/2018 11:30 AM Luncheon Anchorage Post (Anchorage Post Events)
5/24/2018 3:00 PM Cape Fear Post Annual Scholarship Picnic (Cape Fear Post Events)
5/30/2018 5:00 PM Buffalo Bison’s Outing and Happy Hour (Buffalo Post Calendar)
5/31/2018 Mark your calendar for the next Frontier Post meeting! (Frontier Post Events)
5/31/2018 11:30 AM Post Board Meeting (San Antonio Post Events)
5/31/2018 2:30 PM SAME OC & LA Posts Joint May Luncheon (Los Angeles Post Events)
6/2/2018 8:00 AM PTSD Foundation of America - SATX 2nd Annual 5K/10K (San Antonio Post Events)
6/3/2018 8:00 AM Exploring Engineering Camp (Atlanta)
6/5/2018 1:00 PM Recurring Event: until 1/4/2022 (total 138 events) PC SAME BOD Meeting (Panama City Post Events)
6/6/2018 Meet the Primes/Meet the Chiefs (Portland Post Events)
6/6/2018 12:30 PM Executive Board Meeting (Fort Leonard Wood Post Events)
6/6/2018 6:00 PM SAME Annual Public Agency Banquet (Houston/ Galveston Post Calendar of Events)
6/7/2018 Seth Lyle of USACE presentation on Bolivar Dam (SAME Huntington Post Events)
6/7/2018 4:30 AM TechTalk from Schneider Electric (Rhein-Main Post Events)
6/7/2018 7:30 AM Chesapeake + Baltimore Post 2018 Annual Presidential Open (Baltimore Post Events)
6/7/2018 7:30 AM Board Meeting (Rock Island Post Events)
6/7/2018 12:00 PM SAME Nashville Board Meeting (Nashville Post Events)
6/7/2018 1:30 PM June Monthly Meeting (Tularosa Post Events)
6/7/2018 2:30 PM Recurring Event: until 12/6/2018 (total 48 events) Board of Directors Meeting - Three Squares Restaurant (Guam Events)
6/8/2018 12:00 AM SAME Naragansett Bay Post Lobstah Bake (Boston Post Events)
6/8/2018 8:30 AM Pittsburgh Post Golf Outing (Pittsburgh Post Events)
6/8/2018 11:30 AM LOBSTAH BAKE (Narragansett Bay Post Events)
6/8/2018 1:30 PM Concho Valley Field Chapter Goodyear Proving Grounds Tour (San Antonio Post Events)
6/10/2018 2018 SAME STEM Engineering & Construction Camp Scholarships (Chesapeake Post Events)
6/10/2018 8:00 AM SAME US Army STEM Camp (Vicksburg, MS)
6/11/2018 7:30 AM 31st Annual SAME Philadelphia Post Liberty Golf Classic (Philadelphia Post Events)
6/12/2018 Paul Middlebrooks of UT PTAC (Tennessee Valley Post Calendar of Events)
6/12/2018 4:30 AM Government/Industry Energy Technologies Applications (Rhein-Main Post Events)
6/12/2018 7:30 AM SAME Boston Post 25th Annual"Open" Golf Tournament (Boston Post Events)
6/12/2018 11:30 AM June General Membership Meeting (Pikes Peak Post Events)
6/12/2018 11:30 AM Luncheon (Mt. Tacoma Post Events)
6/13/2018 8:30 AM Recurring Event: until 12/9/2020 (total 156 events) Executive Committee Meeting (St. Louis Post Events)
6/13/2018 12:00 PM Recurring Event: until 2/12/2020 (total 72 events) SAME/FES/APWA/ITE General Membership Meeting (Panama City Post Events)
6/14/2018 2018 Kittyhawk Industry Day
6/14/2018 10:15 AM Board Meeting (OMAHA POST EVENTS)
6/14/2018 11:30 AM General Membership Meeting (OMAHA POST EVENTS)
6/14/2018 11:30 AM USMC Camp (Coastal Carolina Post Events)
6/14/2018 11:30 AM Post Meeting (Rock Island Post Events)
6/14/2018 4:30 PM Recurring Event: until 12/13/2018 (total 24 events) GKC SAME Board Meeting (Greater Kansas City Post Events)
6/15/2018 7:30 AM EBC Breakfast Program: Co-hosted by the SAME Narragansett Bay Post & SAME Boston Post (Boston Post Events)
6/15/2018 11:00 AM SAME SFP Golf Tournament at Cardinal Creek Golf Course, SAFB, IL (Scott Field Post Events)
6/17/2018 8:00 AM SAME US Marine Corps STEM Camp (Camp Lejeune, NC)