Event StartTitle
5/22/2019 SAME Omaha Post Industry Day Conference (OMAHA POST EVENTS)
5/23/2019 11:00 AM General Membership Meeting (CALENDAR OF EVENTS)
5/23/2019 11:30 AM SAME Phoenix Post May Luncheon (Phoenix Post Events)
5/23/2019 1:00 PM Recurring Event: until 3/25/2021 (total 26 events) Monthly BOD Meeting (Panama City Post Events)
5/23/2019 3:00 PM Virtual Student Chapter Webinar: Internships
5/24/2019 12:30 PM Volunteer Day at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies! (Pittsburgh Post Events)
5/29/2019 8:00 AM Warriors Ascent Breakfast Meeting (Greater Kansas City Post Events)
5/29/2019 6:00 PM SAME Charleston Post Bowling at the Alley (Charleston Post Events)
5/30/2019 11:30 AM Post Board Meeting (San Antonio Post Events)
5/31/2019 8:00 AM 2019 Scholarship Golf Scramble (Nashville Post Events)
5/31/2019 5:30 PM SOUTHCOM Gala (South Florida Post Events)
5/31/2019 6:00 PM Charlie Corn Scholarship Golf Tournament (Guam Events)
6/1/2019 SAME SFP Golf Tournament (Scott Field Post Events)
6/1/2019 8:30 AM Volunteer Event with the Veteran’s Village of San Diego (VVSD) (San Diego Post Events)
6/1/2019 9:00 AM USACE Norfolk for Clean-the-Bay-Day (Hampton Roads Events)
6/1/2019 10:00 AM Mobile Post Scores for Scholars Golf Tournament (Mobile Post Events)
6/1/2019 11:00 AM SAME Annual Resilience Workshop (Mobile Post Events)
6/3/2019 2019 Scholarship Due (Houston/ Galveston Post Calendar of Events)
6/5/2019 11:00 AM Meet the Chiefs/Meet the Primes (Portland Post Events)
6/6/2019 11:00 AM WEBINAR: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls to Small Business Eligibility
6/6/2019 12:00 PM Nashville Board Meeting (Nashville Post Events)
6/6/2019 12:00 PM Webinar: The Story Your Financial Statements Tell
6/11/2019 1:00 PM ALCOSAN Plant Tour (SAME members only) (Pittsburgh Post Events)
6/11/2019 2:30 PM SAME Japan Post GMM (Japan Post Events)
6/12/2019 8:00 AM 2nd Annual Government Industry Day Workshop
6/12/2019 8:30 AM Recurring Event: until 12/9/2020 (total 52 events) Executive Committee Meeting (St. Louis Post Events)
6/12/2019 12:00 PM Recurring Event: until 2/12/2020 (total 24 events) SAME/FES/APWA/ITE General Membership Meeting (Panama City Post Events)
6/13/2019 5:00 AM Site Visit: Gateway Gardens, Frankfurt (hosted by AECOM) (Rhein-Main Post Events)
6/13/2019 9:00 AM SAME Mid-Maryland Post Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament (Mid-Maryland Post Events)
6/13/2019 10:15 AM Board Meeting (OMAHA POST EVENTS)
6/13/2019 11:30 AM General Membership Meeting (OMAHA POST EVENTS)
6/13/2019 11:30 AM Austin Field Chapter Meeting (San Antonio Post Events)
6/14/2019 2:00 PM Recurring Event: until 7/12/2030 (total 144 events) Pensacola Board Meeting (Pensacola Post Events)
6/14/2019 5:00 PM 3rd Annual SAME Guam Post STEM Camp, UOG, School of Business (Guam Events)
6/14/2019 6:00 PM 2019 Military Ball (Houston/ Galveston Post Calendar of Events)
6/17/2019 9:00 AM JBSA-Lackland STEM Summer Academies (San Antonio Post Events)
6/18/2019 7:00 AM 2019 Meet the Chiefs (Seattle Post Calendar)
6/18/2019 7:30 AM SAME Philly Post Event - 32nd Annual Golf Outing (Philadelphia Post Events)
6/18/2019 1:00 PM S.A.M.E. Kentuckiana Post Board Meeting (Kentuckiana Post Events)
6/18/2019 2:00 PM S.A.M.E. Kentuckiana Post Meeting (Kentuckiana Post Events)
6/18/2019 6:00 PM Padres Night at Petco Park Hosted by the Young Members! (San Diego Post Events)
6/19/2019 11:30 AM Bi-Monthly Luncheon (South Florida Post Events)
6/19/2019 11:30 AM Blue Ridge Post Luncheon (Blue Ridge Post Events)
6/19/2019 12:30 PM NASHVILLE POST LUNCHEON (Nashville Post Events)
6/19/2019 9:30 PM General Membership Meeting, Hilton Resort, Tumon (Guam Events)
6/20/2019 Post Volunteer Day: NIH Children's Inn (Mid-Maryland Post Events)
6/20/2019 7:30 AM Camp Pendleton Day 2019! (San Diego Post Events)
6/20/2019 10:30 AM 14th Annual Camp Pendleton Day (Los Angeles Post Events)
6/20/2019 12:30 PM SAME St. Louis June Luncheon (St. Louis Post Events)
6/20/2019 12:30 PM Monthly Meeting (Greater Kansas City Post Events)


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