Description: This session will introduce, or reacquaint, the practicing professional with the foundation and principals that guide most codes of ethics for learned professionals in the United States.  The discussion is geared toward engineering, but the concepts are equally applicable to anyone who performs their duties with clients, stakeholders, or partners, and especially the public, where personal trust is essential for the performance of the work.

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate the difference between a learned professional and other professionals within the work place and the value each provides to society
  2. Understand why trust and ethics are related and essential for the learned professional
  3. Understand the goals sought by most codes of ethics or standards of conduct published by state licensure boards
  4. Describe the general difference between the outcomes sought by codes of ethics published by professional societies and those published by state licensure boards 

Handouts (PDFs):

Presentation Slides (click here)
Attachment #1: Professional Responsibility and Ethics and the 21st Century Learned Professional (click here)
Attachment #2: Ethical Situations (click here)

Our Presenter:
 Joe D. Manous, Jr, PE, PhD, D.WRE

As Director of the Institute for Water Resources, Dr Joe Manous oversees a multi-disciplinary Field Operating Agency that supports USACE’s Civil Works (water resources) missions through water resources planning, policy and decision-support model development; hydraulic and hydrological engineering; dam and levee safety; and training and national/international interface with academia, professional societies, and non-government organizations. This work is accomplished through IWR’s National Capital Region Office and six centers that include the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC), Risk Management Center (RMC), Navigation and Civil Works Decision Support Center (NDC), Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC), Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise (CPCX), and International Center for Integrated Water Resources Management (ICIWaRM).

Dr. Joe’s full bio can be found here: Manous Bio (2019 06 25).pdf

YMC Webinar: Professional Responsibility, Ethics, and the 21st Century Learned Professional
Start Date/Time:
Thursday, September 5, 2019 12:00 PM
End Date/Time:
Thursday, September 5, 2019 1:00 PM



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