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Event Name: Non-Destructive Vacuum Excavation for Mitigating Utility Conflicts,  Larry Hill from Badger  Daylighting

Event Location: Virtual Post Event

Event Date/Time: Tuesday April 13, 2021, Noon

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Event Description

Presenter: Larry Hill, North America Telecommunications Manager at Badger Daylighting Corp.

Larry has over 32 years’ experience as an Outside Plant Telecommunications Engineering and construction for Ameritech, Southern Bell, Bellsouth, at&t and CenturyLink with an extensive background in heavy civil projects, forced relocations as well as conflict mitigation.

He spent 3 years on the I-4 Ultimate project in Orlando as the utility telecom engineer for the entire project. On that project he was responsible for the relocation of 13 telecommunications companies within the 21 mile corridor.

 Larry came up with a process of using hydro-vacuum excavation on a large scale to physically move telecom fiber cables without splicing or disruption of service. This resulted in a savings of approx. $9 million dollars in relocation costs using non-destructive vacuum methods.

April Luncheon - Badger: Non-Destructive Vacuum Excavation for Mitigating Utility Conflicts
Start Date/Time:
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 12:00 PM
End Date/Time:
Tuesday, April 13, 2021 1:00 PM